basking rock, limestone?

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I have a lot of limestone rocks around my house that are used in landscaping, so I brought one in and first poured boiling water over it, then i scrubbed it, then I soaked it in a 10% bleach solution, then I rinsed it with reptisafe to dechlorinate it, scrubbed it, poured boiling water over it again and it is currently soaking in the hot water treated with reptisafe as well.
Anything else I need to do to prepare this rock for a basking rock? Is limestone even safe for bearded dragons? I use a limestone rock in with my ball python so he has something to help him shed and his shed is always coiled around it, but ball pythons don't need to bask, lol, I use under tank heaters with all of my snakes and I keep them stuck to a piece of tile so the glass doesn't get too hot. I just want to make sure the basking spot doesn't get to hot for the bearded dragon.



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still no comment about the limestone? I decided to use the river stone just to be safe, and it is smoother whereas the limestone has some rougher edges. He seems to like it alright I guess. He sleeps on it at night.


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Apparantly you made the right choice with the river rock, we have just researched that and limestone holds its heat and can become hotter than it's necessary and can burn the lizards skin.


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Limestone won't get any hotter than the sandstones or granites that I use. Granite probably gets the hottest. As long as they are being heated by a bright light, the beardie will be fine. They love basking on rocks. Wild anoles bask and poop all over the unused rocks I leave outside. I measure my basking temps based on the rock surface, and my sandstone basking rock peaks at about 107, a little warm for an adult but no where close to being a burn risk.

You'll know it's getting too hot if the beardie doesn't bask on it, and instead lingers at the edges. If that's the case, you just need to lower your wattage or use a dimmer. Probably won't need to worry, though. Just clean limestone often, it's very permeable and will hold liquid when pooped on often.


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I put the limestone in there and the river stone so now he can pick which one he likes.. he seems to like both of them :)
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