Basking Light and Blindness

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I'm curious about the basking lights people use. Currently, I'm using a 100watt and the temps are between 104.3 and 106.5 depending on the day (according to a temp. probe), but the light spreads out so much along with the light from the fluorescent tube for UV. My worry is that my beardie will slowly go blind from all of the light (the tank is a 29 gallon at the moment and will be a 75 gallon when he/she gets bigger). Obviously the 75 gallon will give me less worry, but currently with the 29 gallon and only 30" of length to run he/she enjoys being perched high up.

Maybe I'm over-reacting and they don't see those wavelengths of light as well as I do?--I mean I'd go blind being that close to a light all day :eek:


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Don't worry they won't go blind. They see even more wavelengths than us, which makes our normal household lighting seem dark to them. Just ask yourself, if your tank brighter than outside where their wild brothers and sisters live? The answer is probably going to be no. Then you're fine.

Bright lights actually protect their eyes. Pain and discomfort is a way the body says something's not right, don't do that. Staring at a uv bulb can damage their eyes, and bright white lights next to them cause discomfort to stare at to keep them from damaging their eyes.
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