Band of pigment loss on bearded dragons tail.

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Today we discovered our beardie who is almost 1 year old, has lost pigment on her tail completely. At first we thought it was time to shed but now im very concerned.
Any ideas!?!?


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Hi there, that is definitely just a band of shed. They usually just come off in their own time but you can spritz her in the tank lightly 2X a day to help loosen it. Or you can put a dab of plain aloe [ no added ingredients ] on it. But I've had similar looking patches of crazy shed like that + did nothing but spritz it. She'll be fine. :)
Hi! It is definitely shedding. Spray the enclosure 1-2 times a day. Do not peel of the skin because it may not be ready. If you want to help your beardie shed, give it more baths.


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Ahh thank you!! Just didn't look like her normal shed and been a stress head automatically assumed it was the worst!
Thank you thank you.
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