Bamboo Root Jungle Gym

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Do any of you have bamboo root jungle gyms in your beardies enclosures? I had fake rock structures made for Ember, but I dropped one and it broke up pretty badly so I need to redo it. I saw the bamboo root jungle gym on the LLLReptile site so I ordered 3 so I'd have a few to choose from. The problem now is that I don't think they'll be tall enough to get Ember close enough to her UVB bulb. I'm looking to get some pics of your pieces and measurements so I can get an idea of what to expect.


Still working on mine and no beardie yet .....



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Sorry for the delay, but thanks for the pic! I did get my pieces and I really like them. Ember approves too. :)

Here is out how I set it all up. The first pic is how I originally set it up. I liked it, but was disappointed that the 3rd piece of bamboo root wasn’t in there so I put it in there. I got the rocks last weekend and finished it up. She’s now at least 2” closer to the UVB and has plenty of things to climb on. When she gets older I might scale some of it back some, but for now she seems happy as is. Do you think it’s too crowded?



It look greats and not too crowded. Also since she's still younge and small she must love all the things to climb on.
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