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Hi, I'm strongly considering making a nice background for my BD's new 150 gallon tank. I'm wondering a few things :

1. I heard you can get polystyrene at Michael's. How much does it cost?

2. How do you carve/make designs in it ( so it looks like rocks or something ) ?

3. Can you use fake sand? Or do you need to use paint?

4. Would you spray the paint on?

5. Do you seal it? If so, with Mod Podge?

I'm sure more questions will arise, thanks :)!


Hey, my girlfriend and I have made false rockwalls for all our tanks, not sure where you are located but Menards, Lowes, Home Depot all sell 4'x8' sheets of foamboard for $15 for the 1 inch stuff, it has been a while since I bought it but it wasnt much more than that. We used a "Hot Knife" after the first rock wall, it makes life SOOOO much easier but we use surgical knives and other small knives to cut some of it

You use sanded grout to get the sandy feel, she used paint brushes to paint instead of spraying, it is just cheaper this way from what I priced everything out at, also you can get different colored grout, make sure to get a darker grout that you want the rockwall to look like if you use glue, the glue will lighted it up quite a bit. We did not use Mod Podge but I have known a few people that have we used glue and brushed the glue on.

The very first one we build wasnt bad but it was by no means as good as the future ones we made. PM me if have any questions about how we did ours, I can take some pics of one of ours and let you see how we did things if you like
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