baby won't eat greens

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my 2 month old beardie only eats crickets, dust them everyday with calcium plus d3 and once a week with reptivite. i always offer collard greens sometimes with carrots and kale. he doesn't touch the salad i make for him ever, will he one day start going for the greens? or should i give him variety or would it be a waste to offer variety just wait till he eats the collards...?
Keep offering. As beardies get older, they eat more vegitation and less insects. Some beardies just take longer to start eating salads.
yep, just like they said...totally normal. For my baby I put a fresh salad in everyday but it is hardly ever touched...they will come around eventually. All of my dragons have been the same way. One day out of no where they start devouring their greens :D
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