Baby/juvenile beardie still doesn't like being handled

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I just want to hear from other beardie owners how you got your beardies to get comfortable with you and enjoy being handled. Mine isn't there yet.

We've had our baby beardie for 6 weeks now and I think he is otherwise very healthy. He eats well, he is growing like a weed, his viv/lighting/temps are good (I've used these forums to check), and all seems good except for the fact that he does NOT like being handled. I handle him gently and speak softly, but every time, he seems like he's in panic mode: breathing heavy, skittish, and sometimes tries to escape my grasp. Today, I tried resting him on my stomach and just chilling out with him, but he seemed really stressed at the sound of my voice (as usual) and when I went to pick him up off me, he puffed his beard out for the first time, so I quickly put him back in the tank. I hate stressing him out like that, but I really want him to be social and I want to someday let him hang out in the house or go outside with me on a leash. At this point, I can't even imagine letting him rest on the couch on his own -- he'd probably jump off and run away, and he's small enough still that I could lose sight of him quickly.

Beardie owners, tell me your secrets! How how long did it take your beardie to become comfortable with you? How often did you handle them? How did you handle them without worrying about them escaping into your home and getting lost or hurt? Any special tips or tricks?

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It really does take time. And all dragons are different.
For instance my girl Moro has been fine with being handled from day 1. All my others I've had to work for.

One thing that seems to help is taking them out when it's near bedtime. And letting them be tired around you and possibly even fall asleep if they will. I find that usually if they are tired or cool enough, they tend to relax more. And once that happens and they spend enough time with you, they learn that you are no harm.

Dont get discouraged, it just takes time :)



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First, he's little, and you're HUGE (and from his POV, probably pretty scary). You're up against who-knows-how-many millions of years of instinct. It'll take some time & patience. Perhaps whoever you got him from didn't spend any/much time socializing him(?) :dontknow:

FWIW, there are lots of videos on YT, etc. on taming BDs. Some are good--some... maybe not. Watch lots, sort out what makes sense to you, and folks'll be here to help. There are also lots of articles & threads here--try the archives and Similar topics at the bottom of the page. :wink:

Best Wishes.
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I have questions about bubbles on our bearded dragons eye.

So he’s gotten bubbles on his eye. We wiped them off and it’s only been twice in the last few weeks. Should we be concerned? No coughing or congestion. He’s very hungry and sleeps well. He’s 8-9 month range. His humidity is 30-40 day time and as high as 50-55 at night to early morning.
Should we be concerned?

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