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Hi i have recently taken in a beardie thats 5 months old, beautiful boy. The owners pretty much dumped him n left i dont kno any previous history off the beardie. He appears to have mbd due to his leg which are very weak and he tends to avoid walking on them. I think he also find it more comfortable to stretch his length out the opposite way they are very flexable and im scared he willl end up breaking his legs unfortunatly he seems very unbalanced wen he moves (more like an army crawl). I have put him in a 3ft tank with paper towels on the bottom so he can move easier and a few cardboard rolls, he has a repti uv tube 10.0 n heat spot temps seem fine. Tbh im not completely sure it is mbd as he eats ver very well and drinks, he keeps his head high and is quite brighted eyed but i cant get in to see the vet till monday. Any how i have put him on liquid calcium and crisis care as he is very small for 5 months. I have tried to build his legs up by putting him in the bath but he doesnt want to swim he just lies there. and other ideas on how to build up his muscles? or any other opinions please


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what brand UVB is it(its important), ReptiSun or ReptiGlo 10.0? if its a ReptiGlo 10.0 get rid of it. they are dangerous bulbs and arent worth the risk. if its a reptiSUN by Zoo Med then you are ok. just make sure they can get within 6-8 inches of the bulb. usually that means you have to put a rock or branch in the tank under the heat light/uv-b tube.

what are your temps and what are you using to measure them? those round dial type thermometers are not accurate. you need either a digital probe thermometer or a temperature gun for accurate readings.

when hes in the bath, wad up a paper towell and let him rest his chest on that. they seem to feel safety when theres something to hold on to.

hope that helps alittle :wink: .


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If he does turn out to have MBD, invest in a Mercury Vapor Bulb. You will have to get a slightly larger tank for this, but a good MVB (like the MegaRay or T-Rex) will simulate sunshine much better and help with calcium absorbtion better. Also, look into higher calcium feeders like phoenix worms and butter worms.

I have heard of people working with their beardies in the bath tub to help them strengthen their legs by sort of forcing them to use them. This would be something you want to discuss with the vet first, though...
Good luck with your new baby, and thanks for getting him the help he needs!


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Its reptisun i use them with all my beardies. Its just over 107 in basking area, and cool side is about 89. Hes is the third beardie i have taken in one off the others i took in did have mbd i took him to the vet n did the appropriate steps to recovery n he is stunning and coming up for a year n a half old now. But the risks of takin in a lizard with mbd is the more wieght they put on while their legs are weak the more chance they have off tryin to push themselfs up and breaking the bones in their legs. with the first i took in the best way i could build his muscles was to encourage him to swim. the new little boy will not swim no matter wat i try he will not move his legs.
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