Baby Beardie won't poo

Hello all. I have am approx 4 mth old Beardie that fractured his femur about a week ago. Until today everything has been fine except he didn't poo yesterday or yet today. I have tried soaks but he doesn't like them much and tries to jump out. I don't want to risk him injuring himself more. The vet said it could be because of the pain meds...Tramadol...He is still eating and being himself he just has not pooed.

Should I be worried? I have read adding a little Olive Oil to the mix may help things move along. Is that true? I don't want to do something that will harm him.

Sorry. I just an overprotective momma.

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It is hard not to worry about them! So sorry that your little one has a broken femur I sure
hope he heals up soon. How long has it been since he has gone to the bathroom?
How much is he eating?
The tramadol can affect the appetite but may dehydrate him a little bit too You can mix
some olive or coconut oil in with some baby food to help him out in case he is a little bit
impacted. You can give him 1 to 2 drops of it & you could also add in some sugar free apple
sauce too.
Let us know how he is doing.



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He went poo today!! He went 2 days without going and was still eating the same amount of food. Last night i did give him a few drops of olive oil on his nose and he locked it right up.

On another note I think his heat lamp wasn't working properly. I bought a new one about 3 to 4 weeks ago and woke up this morning and it was burnt out already! Good thing I bought a backup just in case.

As far as his UVB light in the dome I have had people tell me to remove it. It doesn't look like the heat bulb it is like 2 u shaped tubes. Is that considered a coil bulb? Everyone seems to say they can cause issues. So if I remove that one should I replace it with a bulb that looks like the heat bulb? I also have the strip light UVB 8t I believe.

Thanks everyone for helping us thru this. He seems to be getting stronger each day!

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Beardie name(s)
Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
Please get rid of the coil UVB --- they are NO good! Keep the T 8 make sure its inside the tank w/ NO clear plastic cover over the bulb distance should be 6-8 inches directly above the basking decor ---- and please use a Reptisun 10.0 T 8 bulb --- NO Zillas or Thrive bulbs --- the Reptisuns are the best on the market at this time --

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