Baby Beardie two feet became different color. Pls Help!!!

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Hi, my 4month old beardie's 2 front feet became different color from his usual color. it looks like his skin was scratched off or something. i don't understand, it was looking like he was going to shed his back and head because it turned whitish last week. but he hasn't yet. now his 2 front feet became different color, please check the pic. he's his normal active self, appetite is still the same. i feed his veggies and lateralis roaches everyday with calcium dust 5x and vgf 2x/wk. he's basking spot is 90-100degrees, cold spot is around 80degrees, pooping regularly. can anyone please advice me on why his 2 front feet suddenly changed colors?

The 2nd pic was taken Aug.30, just last week where it looks like he's going to be shedding his back and head, but he hasn't shed yet,
3rd pic was taken Aug.24 where you can see the normal color of his feet. I touched his feet, and he doesn't seem to hurt when i touch it. i'm really worried why he's 2 front feet became this color.




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Have you given him a bath to see if it will wash off? It looks like he might have stepped in something.


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Hi gail,
No, haven't tried giving him a bath yet.. it was evening when i got home and only had time to feed him before basking time and then lights out. Hope it's just something he stepped on, i tried checking the 2 front feet and it seemed very similar, from how the discolorization started diagonally on each feet. I'll give him a bath tomorrow, hope it's something that washes off and not something else. haay... i easily get paranoid when it comes to my baby beardie.


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The first pic makes me think he either stepped in something like a strawberry or a raspberry, or maybe the top part of his arm is fading in order to shed. Or maybe he even shed his front feet very quickly if it looks like 'new' skin.


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i don't think it's shedding mainly because it's not he's natural color.. it looks sort of shiny. also the part of him that should be shedding is his head and back, it became whitish color last week but haven't shed yet. i only feed him veggies w/c consists of mustard greens, some bok choy, summer squash, carrots and bunch of lateratis roaches(turkishan roaches). i'll give him a bath tomorrow and see if it washes off(cross fingers) :D
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