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Baby Beardie tank question


Hi everyone. I just got my baby bearded dragon a couple weeks ago and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my tank set up. I want to be sure she has everything she needs and enough UVB. The temp at the middle of the tank is 84F and the basking spot is around 95-105 depending on where she sits. One of the bulbs is a 160W powersun and another is an additional heat lamp. The third is a night heat lamp. Humidity ranges from 30-35% in the middle of the tank. The blanket is under the hammock as cushion in case she falls off (she already has once). The substrate is non adhesive vinyl shelf liner. Thank you for any feedback!


BD.org Sicko
Does your shelf liner have some texture to it? You can add a piece of slated ceramic tile in there for her to walk on to keep her nails down --- the PowerSun is a good MVB -- distance w/ a screen should be 14-16 inches -- do you have a probe digital thermometer? If not please get one and get a temp on the hammock -- it will give you actual basking temps and they should be 105-110 for a baby-- w/ the distance of the MVB you might want to add another long tube fixture even a 18" Reptisun T 8 would be good for her -- sometimes w/ trying to get the distance correct for basking temps the UVB ends up being not enough -- but first get the actual temp on that hammock -- and then we can go from there w/ the extra UVB


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The shelf liner does have a bit of texture. I'll get a thermometer for the hammock ASAP. The light is currently about 12-14 inches above the hammock so hopefully the Powersun will be enough UVB. Thank you!
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