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Baby Beardie sleeping,hiding, not eating


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So I'm a semi new beardie owner... I got my beautiful citrus female back in July from a breeder at an expo. I believe she was 4/5 months when I got her. She is happy, healthy and living her best life. I got my baby red morph September 1st from petco ? big difference in personality. I'm assuming he's only a few months old... however... I've had him for 3 weeks now. He eats very little if at all. I feed him small Dubia roaches, along with calcium 3-4x a week. His basking side of the tank is usually right around 95° and his cooler side is right around 80°. I feed him 3-4x a day but he's refusing to eat. As of today.... he has been asleep, on the floor of the tank (which I find to be odd, only because my female has never done this, but again... I'm new and still learning). I'm not getting much out of him when trying to get his attention, just to make sure he is still breathing. Should I be concerned? Vet visit? Any advice or tips would!


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Yes your dragon should be basking most of his time and eating and active ---- what are you using for a UVB ? NO coils please and basking temps how are you taking them? NO stick ons digital probe thermometer please - place on the spot where he would bask 10 min get temp---- are you housing the dragons together? If so please separate them ASAP ---
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