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I figured this Topic would be good to start to hear so of the craziest stories from people who have beardies who's attitudes always seems bad no matter how good you treat them. I'll start with my beardie Ambush. He got that name because when I first got him he would stalk his crickets all the time. But now he just stalks anything that comes near him or his enclosure. If he could I'm sure he would try to eat me and anyone else that gets close to him. I also noticed that he is somewhat of a user of people. If he notices his food bin he comes to me and waves but as soon as the crickets are all gone he is back to trying to attack me. I don't know whats up with him. Ambush is treated like royalty Reptisun 10.0, Zoo Med 150 watt basking spot, logs, desert environment minus the sand of course. He's 4 months old and I guess this is the equivalent to the terrible 2's that children go through lol. But for all the attitude he gives me I wouldn't replace him. :blob5:


surprised I don't see more posts in this topic! well maybe not that surprised as mostly beardies are docile nice animals... but theres always a bad one in the bunch here and there! My experience with a bad beardie has a somewhat happy end at least. My landlord's son also lives in the building. He is 22 years old and gets sick a lot so he doesn't leave the house much. He does like to come down stares to our apartment and see our animals though. One day about 10 months ago he decided that he would also like to have a bearded dragon. We took him to the best local pet store (tropical fish & reptiles, it's called), and he picked out the cutest little baby beardie (had to be a couple months old). He was just an average beardie, gray-ish with a bit of yellows and some orange near his ears. Beautiful little guy... or so we thought. Our landlord's son got him home, set him up the nicest tank and lighting. He ate crickets, worms, greens... basked in the sun... had a good ol time. But, when it came to handling him, he was nuts! Our neighbor told us that he would puff up, gape his mouth, and try to run every time. I tend to be pretty good with animals, they tend to like me too, but when I tried with his beardie it was to no avail. This beardie was NUTS. My landlord's son gave him the appropriate name of "Rock."

a couple months into his having Rock around, his doctor informed him that because of his illness (sickle-cell) he couldn't own any herps (bacteria on their skin could make him very ill). so low and behold we gained a 4th beardie to our family. The landlord's son still comes to visit our reptiles, but he cannot hold them... Rock ate well, was very active, and was very beatiful with his colorful markings.... BUT, as I said before he was NUTS!!! I would try and try and try and try to hold him, talk to him softly, stroke his forehead, give him tasty worms, and so on. Sometimes it would seem that he had finally relaxed in my hands, but the second I would let up a bit on my grip....... off he would go! running, puffing, gaping at us!! I still didn't lose hope though. I kept on trying every day to handle him gently, speak to him and so on.. but months went by and I started to realize this beardie was just BAD :( with already 3 established (nice) beardies in the home, we decided to find Rock a new home. A good friend of ours had an extra tank. He has a nice room with many fish tanks, fish breeding projects, and a giant tortoise as well. after meeting our nicer beardies he decided that he would love to try and tame Rock.

Now about 10 months later, I went to visit Rock about a week ago. While Rock is still a BAD beardie, he is at least a happy beardie with a HUGE tank, plenty of light and heat.... plenty to eat, and a new human friend who still puts up with his attitude. Another funny surprise, is now that Rock is old enough, I noticed that he seemed a bit small. I grabbed him up and lifted the tail, and low and behold we have a FEMALE! all that aggression, I guess we just assumed she was a male! now this is one BAD Bitc$h!! But at least she has a nice home and plenty to eat! I feel bad sometimes, like I gave up on her, or I abandoned her, but I have to remind myself, that she would of been more ignored in my home with my nicer beardies to attend to. At least now she is the #1 beardie to a nice guy who gives her plenty of love despite her bad attitude!


My 2 year old Puffy can be part of this club at times lol. When I let him out of his viv, he sits still for a moment, then takes off exploring. If he's not done with his exploration around the house trip and I try to pick him up to put him back in to give another beardie a turn.. he won't even puff, just opens his mouth with an evil sounding hiss. Then when his mouth closes, it looks like he's smiling! Now this is not a small dragon, this is the largest dragon I have ever seen! He's been here 2 weeks now (his previous owner had an apartment fire so could not keep him due to no place to live) and he can be the sweetest thing ever, or one big bad hissing monster!


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Spike can be part of this club but i dont blame him if i was left in a basement and only saw people when they came to throw crickets on me id be pretty POed at the world too. His favorite thing to do is go all stiff and then thrash around his name really does fit him. that and hes bit me a few times while i was clipping his talons when he hisses hes not joking around he meens buissines


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I have a card carrying member of the B.A.B.'s club. We picked her up Sunday from a nice man with two younger kids. I've heard stories of atrocious beardies before, but this girl is quite the b*tch. She has already bitten us. She will charge us, gapping and intending to bite. We are going to buy those heavy duty gloves, cause we are determined. We think the guy we got her from was afraid of her. She was in a large shoe box that had a large rubber band attached to make sure it stayed closed. He tried to down play her problem as just needing to be handled more often..... His 7 year old busted him


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I have a young beardie 4months of age his name is Hadyn but his nick name is Satin lol I have 4 adults got all of them from 5 weeks, oldest was 3 months they are from 1 1/2 to 2 yrs old so i know a bit about em. Ive tried the nice calm holding him, the food every time we go in his viv, the tee shirt with my smell on it. He is VERY aggressive. Open mouth, turns sideways at you, tail swats you, hisses, jumps up at you trying to bite you. He will charge any of the adults with no fear. I'm at a loss what to do next but were not getting rid of the little meanie. I move him to a safer viv so my grandson cant open his viv id hate for him to get bit. I give him roam time. He runs around if i walk past i get the stink eye. He eats like a champ. Hes growing like a weed. Hes a beardie with a BAD attitude LOL
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