Babies stuck in eggs that have turned rock hard!!!

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I have 11 eggs that have hatch in the past 3 days and 3 are still in the eggs. The 3 that are still in have deflated and have the small slit for their heads to come out. 2 of the shells have turned hard like cement around them but I do see them breathing in there. They have been like this for 3 days and have not gotten their heads out. I am concerned because there was another like that today that was 1/2 way out but the shell turned hard...I finally helped it out only to find that its arm was glued to the inside of the egg and now she is doing great. What do I do with the others?? I am scared I will loose them because the eggs are basically cemented to them! Any quick advise would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Couple of questions if you do not mind...
1)How long have these eggies been incubating? To the day please.
2)What is the humidity of the egg container? What are you taking your temps and humidity reading with?
3)What type of incubator are you using?

You may also PM me if you wish....pic's would be great to help deterimine if the eggs need immediate attention or not.
To post pic's here you must sign up and register at one of the photo image storage sites such as
Once pic's are uploaded there you have to copy and paste the IMG code into your post a reply page....should be the last option of links. Or if you wish you can email me a few pic's of the remaining eggies to [email protected]

My first thoughts are to long in eggs either due to temps or humidity. But that's just my guess with what I know so far.


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Ok, so they have been incubating for only 50 days because I had them at 60% humidity and had trouble keeping temps below 85-86. I know that this is not good and that there could be complications with the babies. :banghead: This was our first time trying this so we had a homemade incubator that I learned how to make on here. We ended up taking them very carefully out of their eggs (which wasn't easy) and they seem to be doing ok. I am nervous about the one because he still had alot of yolk around him and he is the smallest of the clutch...he is also the one that is running around the most! I guess only time will tell, I really wish there was something I could do to make sure they're going to be ok. I have them on a wet paper towel now.


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Sounds like a hot clutch. Temps to high humidity to low.
Basically what Bard was looking for. She said it better than I


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im so glad you guys found this i was worried. please keep us updated on your babies and feel free to ask as many questions as you want

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Oh poor things!
Well, it can happen. The temperatures are so crucial.
The ones that did not get to absorb their yolk sac may need some extra vitamins for awhile, to make up for not getting their vitamins through their yolk sac.

I hope they are doing well.



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I am sorry for not getting back, newborns take ALOT of work :shock: They are all doing great except for the last 2 that we had to take out of the eggs. The 3rd one that we took out is doing so good that he/she is actually eating the most and is the biggest! I have really been working with the other 2 though, the one that actually still had yolk on him is sooo skinny but is full of energy. He is very black and we are trying to nurse him to good health by making sure he is hydrated everyday. I can't get him or the other little guy to eat though. The other one is black also and almost ate during the last 2 feedings. He will chase the crickets and then give up if he misses. I was able to get him to eat one of the legs that came off of a cricket but that's it. I am going to the pet store again today and was going to pick up vitamins for him and the mama (she laid 22 more yesterday!!), and was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations. I would like to get something that both adults and babies can share. They have been getting dusted crickets once a day so their calcium is good.

I also have a question about the mom, someone at the pet store told me that they are like birds and will keep laying eggs because I am taking them out??? He told me to replace them with marbles?? Now 1. How in the world would they all be fertile.... and 2. Wouldn't they EAT the marbles?? It sounded to me like this guy was off his rocker but hey, what do I know :silent:
Here is a pic of the babies!!!


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Oh good, I though so! Tom while I've got you on here can you help with another question. I was just cleaning up the babies poop and one of them (I have no idea which) had blood in it. I may very well be one of the two that are not doing good because they were over there, but they haven't eaten yet. Reason for concern?


Good luck with your babies!... I have never herd of the mother to just keep laying eggs... What do I know tho :roll: ... Hope you get your 3 babies healthy :D

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Cheryl those 2 babies haven't eaten anything yet?
If that's the case you need to work on getting something into them somehow asap. If I were you I'd try a little baby food or some smashed up RepCal beardie bites...a few licks usually gets them started. I would say they are needing a little encouragement the taste of food usually entices them to begin eating. You might also try placing the crickets in the freezer for a few seconds this will slow them down or you could remove the back legs on the crickets too making it easier and less scary for the babies not eating. It's good to hear that you are making that much needed attempt to keep them hydrated. Babies dehydrate very easily and quickly. Once they are dehydrated they have no definitely keep the soaks up.

I would not house the 2 not eating with the others...I'd seperate them as to make it easier to keep an eye on them...this could also help to figure out who pooped the blood if it happens again. If they haven't eaten and everyone else has then they are behind the rest so will easily be intimidated as well, this could cause them not to eat too.

LOL...Marbles? Sounds to me as if that guy has lost his. LOL
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