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Babies on the way ^.=.^

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Well I'm excited to say I'm going to have 28 bouncing baby dragons soon. *hatching period April 27-May27*

Mother is a Citrus X German giant
Father is a Snow X sandfire

They won't be ready for at LEAST 3 months *if not more* but just a heads up.

Mothers name-Athena
Fathers name- Nautillus


If you have any questions or what not or if you wanna reserve one for yourself please contact me here or message me.

Depending on their colors the highest I would rehome them for would be $80-100. Lowest $25-30.
The ONLY thing is I don't ship *haven't figured that one out yet UPS said they'd do it but it would cost a fortune*

And IF anyone of them do get rehommed I'd want to make sure you know a little bit about them first ^.=.^
Most people just get them outta a splir of the moment. Please, don't let the babies be a splir, have the right stuff for them ^.^

I WILL post pictures of parents soon.
The lastest by tomorrow to give you a idea of what colors they might be.

ALSO I have a newt ^.^

~~Has 2 full grown iguanas, 8 dragons, 1 cornsake,2 kittens,75 gal. fishtank,TONS of crickets, AND soon to come 28 baby dragons~~


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haha yeah I have tons of reptiles

did a rescue for awhile there.

My oldest dragon JUST past away she lived to be 11 and I rescued her at 9 1/2 years old. she had M.B.D and wasn't eating. Half her tail had to be removed and well 800 dollars later I got her better, she lived untill she was 11 ^.^


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pictures of mother and father

*mother lighter, father darker*


mother in her cage

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