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Is their any way to just look at a baby and tell if it will be a pretty one with the bright colors? What does a fancy colorful one look like as a baby? To me they all seem the same. One is extra money because of "beautiful coloration" but They all look the same!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!! It's so confusing!!!! :shock:


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It's hard to tell. Most beardie's colours change and become more vibrant as they age. When I adopted Vinny I thought she was just a regular grey. But now as she's approaching her first birthday she has an orange beard and her head is yellow-ish....


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The colors will change as they grow, some colors will get more intense and some colors will fade. Though usually there is some indication of what color they're going to be as adults when they're small. It really is best to get one where you can at least see the parents. Otherwise you're going to be in the dark about what you're going to end up with.

My first dragon came from a petstore and was mostly brown but her stripe down her back was slightly red. She ended up being bright orange and red, which is great but she just as easily could have been brown.

You just need to decide what is important to you. If you are wanting color, or a certain color then you need to go through someone who can show you the parents. Otherwise go with the dragon who has the best personality or which ones patter you like best. I promise you if you pick the dragon that stands out to you the most you'll think they're awesome no matter what color they end up being. I mean look at this site, every single one of us thinks we have the most beautiful dragon ever. :lol:


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They don't ususally show thier colors until they get older. I can post a picture of my crimson red when i first got him at 6 wks old and a pic of him now at 5 mos old to show you the huge difference. you can also go to Draggintailsinc and click on "citrus tiger" info there you can see the dramatic difference in babies, juvies, and adults. babies are black and with each shed they go thru a different color phase and in the end they are a bright yellow with blue sidebars.


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Some brighten with every shed, some dull. It's mostly about the parents. If a beardie's parents are both citrus, it will sell for more than a baby whose parents are "normals", although the "citrus" baby may turn out to be normal, and the normal baby may turn out to be really unique. You can never tell.


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here's my crimson red male at 6 wks

here's he is now at 5 months
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