Aurora has only waved at...

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I was reading another story on here on here about a beardie waving, and it made me think of something funny with Aurora.
We have 2 males who she has never waved at, even if they head bob at her if they see her. She has never waved at anyone that has come into our home. Well...that is except for my brother in law that is. LOL I wonder if she sensed something about him that we didn't.
Artemis waves at her crickets...No joke when she is trying to be really sneaky or she is hunting her crickets she will wave at them. It's greatly amusing. :lol:


our little guy phoniex pretty much waves at everything he even switches arms while doing it :) he waved at the cat yesterday and at my daughter :blob5:


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Ha, I have had my girl Puff since Aug. 10,2011. She never arm waved...NEVER! She would head bob sometimes,,but never waved. In Aug. of this year I adopted a male that is approximatly the same age as Puff. When she first saw him she waved like crazy, switching arms,,everything,,it was crazy. Well, it only lasted a couple days...then she stopped waving to him and decided that if I would ever give her the chance,,which she will never get by the way,,,,she would love to attack him. She gets very aggressive and dominant around him. Also, the first couple days,,,he head bobbed her, stomped, black was crazy..I had never seen a male dragon doing these things. Anyway, after a couple day when she stopped waving, he stopped his stuff and now just turn away if she is looking at him...he wants nothing to do with her. Now they are both brumating right now....will be interesting to watch and see if anything changes when they wake up.
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