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sometimes when I wake up I turn to see Dasher, and there he is giving me the''FOR THE TWENTIETH- TIME I'M HUNGRY! :eek: ''look...then when i get up and get hes crickets he gives me the''that cricket's too small!''look :? -how do they manage to be nerve-wrecking, cute and adorable at the same time?! :mrgreen:

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That's why we love them so. It's their way of scrabbling into our hearts. They are like lay's potato chips, no one can have just one.


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:lol: have to agree , they are like lays potato chips . cooper gives us the same look , where are my crickies??? and can i have some more please ????? and where is my salad ??? he is getting so spoiled , even has a snack time to , that i started with him and now gives thast look , snack time started when i got to start back to work just to be sure he had enough crickets and well now , and i am hooked , wanting another baby beardie to add to the zoo :lol:
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