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Reptar is a pretty dragon and looks healthy as well. Her head cramped against the wall is not star gazing, just one of the manu curios poses they get in sand even will sleep that way . Crazy, I know ! Still, if you're concerned about ADV you can have her tested by Tracie, she works with the main lab/clinic that are working on a cure.

As far as the vet tech fishing the poo sample from the garbage, that was and is a problem because it DOES open up the possibility that it was cross infected . Too bad that happened, they should not have charged you for that test IMO.

Reptar is walking O.K, dragging her belly might be from her shedding there, it doesn't look like a problem either way.
That is so incredibly reassuring to hear. She was really struggling to walk for a few days and I'm hoping that it was just from not eating much and the medication. She has perked up the past day or so but the way she walked still concerned me. I also took these photos of her feet and legs and wanted to know if there is any concern? Thank you so much for your advice. This page has eased my mind and helped so much already and I'm grateful for all of you. I also bought test swabs from research associate laboratory and am sending the sample in there. It was roughly $40.


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Surgery, Blood transfusion, Internal bleeding (potentially) not confirmed, Sudden onset anemia, potential aneurism etc. Echo stayed in the hospital overnight and the dr did not have good news when she called to update me today. I’m not 100% sure that I made the right decision by coming to pick her up (against what the dr recommended) but she was in far worse condition since having dropped her off. Help! 2nd opinion!?
The basking side of my tank isn't getting up to the suggested 100degrees. Does that mean I need to get a new basking light?
does her poop look healthy?
In your perspective does my baby bearded dragon look healthy or unhealthy? Does she look bloated? she is active and eats very well also she is in her basking spot all day
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