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At A Loss For What To Do... (Please Help)


Hi everyone,

I posted this on Bearded Dragon Forums and a kind person who was helping me told me to try my luck here.

My beautiful 5 year old beardie has been acting off for a while now. Over the past year, I've taken her to countless veterinarians, all of which have been more or less duds, and I just don't know what else to do. She was diagnosed with cataracts and now an ear infection (due to her tilting her head recently - pics below)
She won't eat unless I feed her (Carnivore Care/small crickets which I need to put between her "lips"), but she has a really hard time walking. She stumbles a lot and caulks her head to the left and sometimes spins in a circle when moving around.

I just went to the vet yesterday as I was POSITIVE this was MBD, but they refused this and said her ear looked swollen and that it's an ear infection. I ordered some liquid calcium/liquid vitamins just in case.

She used to be so happy. She's still alert and everything in her tank checks out (she's even a good pooper!)...I just feel like something is wrong. I'm doing everything I can for her, but I'm worried I'm not helping her. The vet told me to wait for the meds to kick in (she's on Ceftazidime - 200mg per 7 injections - once every 3 days).

I'm frustrated because while the head tilt may be an ear infection, it doesn't make sense on why she's been so off the past year.

Please, I'm so scared and I don't know what to do. She's my world, I don't know what I'd do if I lost her. I just want to help her in anyway I can. If it comes down to having to make That choice to spare her pain, I will, but she's still fighting so hard. I'm at a loss for what to do...

Important info:
Tank- 45 gallons
Lighting- Basking side is 95 degrees, cool side is 75-80; UVB is the 24in/T5 10.00 INSIDE the tank
Substrate: Felt fake grass

- I soak her every other day for about 20min
- She's only eating Carnivore/Critical Care and small crickets which I have to feed her. She is completely uninterested in eating still.
- Has cataracts in both eyes, but left eye is the worst
- She's had x-rays done in the past and bloodwork, but nothing has ever shown up
*I'm attaching photos of her tilting to one side



BD.org Sicko
Staff member

Sorry your girl is not doing well!
The pictures didn't show up though so try to repost if you can.
How long has she had cataracts? That is too bad I am sure it's no picnic for her.
If you have a copy of bloodwork I can take a look at it. An ear infection is a possibly but
don't think that is the entire issue.
What about gout?
Has she ever laid infertile eggs?
Do you breed your own crickets also & what do you feed them?
Which T5 brand are you using, the Reptisun 10 or the Arcadia D3 12%? They are both really
nice bulbs. Since it is mounted inside of the tank, what is the distance from her & the T5 tube?

We will see what we can figure out!



Original Poster

Sorry about the pictures, I'm still trying to get them to work. Here is the link to my other post in the mean time:

Thread 'Possible Neurological Problems? :(' http://www.beardeddragonforum.com/threads/possible-neurological-problems.24869/

I'm still waiting for the vet to send over the blood work, she just told me everything looks normal. I'm thinking about taking her to another exotic vet as soon as I can get an appointment.

Her UVD (Reptisun T5, 10.0) is about 15inches away from her which I know still isn't ideal, but hanging it has proven to be an issue and giving her higher perches is a big fear as she is basically blind and very clumsy.

She's never laid eggs before, so I'm unsure if that is an issue. I know sometimes they won't. Also I buy the crickets from our local PetSmart and feed them the Fluker's Cricket Quencher.

Thank you for responding, I'm very worried but trying to stay calm


BD.org Sicko
Hi there, sorry that your dragon is having such trouble. It's true that it may be an ear infection so I agree that it's worth giving the antibiotics a chance. Stop the frequent baths, especially if she gets hydration from the food supplement. Only give baths about every 14 days or if she gets dirty. Hope you see some progress. A stroke can cause neurological problems too but lets hope it's an ear infection and the meds. help.


Original Poster
Got it, I will keep up with meds and take a break from baths. She's still alert, my main concern is her not wanting to eat on her own. She is basically blind, but even salad and other veggies do not interest her. She does appear to not mind the Critical Carnivore Care however. I also ordered liquid vitamins and liquid calcium. I'll have to seeif that helps.
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