Astronaut Mike Dexter cant use his tongue well anymore.

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Ever since I adopted AMD, he has been less than agile in 'catching' his worms( never fed him crickets). He is at least 3, maybe much older, do not know a CL adult rescue. His tongue doesn't seem to go where he needs it to go to pick a worm up. Even when I hand feed him one worm at a time he often has to take multiple licks at my palm to figure out where it is.
This seems to be getting worse. That being said, if I didn't have two other dragons who eat WAY more succinctly, then I would never know he wasn't normal. His weight is good, his color good, his appetite fine, his poops normal, no gaping jaw, no discharge, I don't think it is MBD or mouth rot after doing some research. I am not in a position to take him to the vet and because all other signs are healthy, and he seems active and happy, I am waiting to see what you guys think.
He IS getting enough food, I've just learned to put the worms in a more narrow deeper bowl and to not mince his greens quite so finely.
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