Asperate on veg?


I decided a few days ago to stop the syringe feeding, and see if he will eventually eat veg and insects. He's been starting to go to his veg bowl slowly and slowly eating, one or two pieces of either baby arugula or parsley. Yesterday I held some parsley to him on the basking and he ate a small piece. About 30 minutes ago I held the veg bowl up to him at his basking spot and he actually went and grabbed / ate some baby arugula & parsley but it looked like something got caught in his throat and he started what looks like asperating?? He's been coughing on and off for the past 30 mins, there was no liquid involved, just the leaf of arugula / parsley. I never thought it would happen with just veg . If someone whos seen this could please advise.

The 2 videos I took are too large yo upload, can be found here


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I am by no means an expert, but it looks almost like he just got a piece that's caught on the very back of his throat or something. Reminds me of what I kind of do when I get like a piece of popcorn kernel stuck back in there.


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He relaxed for about an hour, then had another period of coughing . gasping on and off for about 5 mins, then quieted down for about 45 minutes before lights out. He's resting going into sleep mode, observing him and he seems to be okay.

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