Are they any good?

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Are cages by design any good do they effect the amount of uv lightin because of the size of the cages.


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Cages by design look like they make beautiful enclosures. It will not effect the UVB light unless the tank is really tall. Hope this helps!


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I know what you mean but im just think they dont get as much as uv lighting.
What would your measurements be dont worry about the price.


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They are actually great enclosures...a little pricey but very nice. They actually make them about 20 mins. from where I live. I think I know what you are asking because some of their enclosures are very tall and meant for lizards like iguanas. As long as the your beardie could get to within the recommended distance from the UV light I would think they would be okay. They do make enclosures that aren't so tall that would probably work much better...I think one of them is something like 5 or 6 ft. long 2 ft deep and about 2 feet tall. I was looking into them awhile ago also. Hope this kind of answers what you were asking.


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Sorry...I missed your response here. I would think that could work as long as the beardie could get to within the recommended distance from the UV lights. They aren't tree dwelling lizards so you really wouldn't need one that tall and it might take a lot more to keep it heated to the proper temps. Plus i'm sure the cost would be alot less if you got one of the smaller (shorter) enclosures. I know their enclosures are quite a bit of money so it would probably save alot if you got one of the smaller ones anyway. While they do make very nice enclosures there are other enclosures better suited to a beardie that cost a ton less money in my opinion. I think an enclosure you mentioned runs a couple thousand dollars and i know there are a lot of options way below that price. Hope this helps.
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