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New member here to the forum.

My sons bearded dragon has just turned one, we have been using 75w Habistat lamps but due to availability changed to an Arcadia 75w Solar flood.

Since changing, basking and high temps seem normal but low temp is 30c (room ambient has been high this week)

Scales doesn’t seem to be basking, and has been digging at reptile carpet in corner of Viv, he is also shutting his eyes through the day.

Usually he eats a full box of XL locusts, but he has been leaving a few the last couple of days.

Could this be the new light causing him to act different?

Any help would be appreciated

CooperDragon Sicko
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It's possible that the lighting change is coming into play, but I think it's likely coincidence. If the low temp is up at 30, then I'd guess that's more at fault. It's tough to make adjustments with the ambient temps being a bit higher, but maybe try to increase airflow with a fan nearby and see if that helps a little. Hopefully the heat will break soon and the cool side temps will go back to the low-mid 20s. I'd leave the new basking bulb as it is for now and see how it goes after the room temps drop again.


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Ok, thanks for your reply.

Once he’s out of his Viv, he’s his usual self, nosing around the place and loves to look out of the window.

It was the digging and shutting his eyes that got me concerned, it’s behaviour that I’ve never seen him do before.

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