Arcadia 50w projector and Zoo Med Dome - fit ok??

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Does anyone happen to know if you can use a Zoo Med Dimmable Clamp Lamp with Dimmer Switch (8.5") with a 50w Arcadia deep heat projector bulb? I can't seem to find the size dimentions of the bulb to know if it will fit inside that dome. I am pretty sure the two are compatible. Any suggestions?


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Thank you again! I am sorry I ask so many questions on this, I am just really worried about putting in an order and it not working out and being stuck with the wrong equipment. I really appreciate your help!

My husband is going batty over me spending so much money on a small 6 week (almost) old reptile. But in my mind, if you don't do it right, it won't be around for long. :) I buy a bulb, I need a fixtrue, get a fixture, I need a lamp stand and another digital adds up so quickly. That last part was not at all relevant, but I guess I am venting. Whew!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)
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