Arcadia 12% vs ReptiSun

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Ok so here in the uk, i have access to 30" arcadia 12%, or 36" reptisun10. I have a 4ft tank.

What are your experiences with the arcadia? i only really used the reptisun10, but for reference, does anyone else use the arcadis? (its a little cheaper lol)



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I've never used the Arcadia (I'm in the US), but I heard they tested better than the ReptiSun. Hopefully someone can get on and confirm this.


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Ive heard the same rumors which is making me think lol. Do you think a 30" bulb would be ok for a 4ft tank, it would be about 3/4 i suppose??

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I have also heard that the Arcadia's tested better than the Repti-Sun. A 30" hood would be fine in a 4 ft tank. Main thing to consider is that the 6 to 8" from the UVB is the distance while they are in their basking area. The basking & UVB should be placed alongside each other so your beardie can get both benefits at the same time, so it's really not necessary to have a hood that covers the whole length of the tank.


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I dont have a hood, i have a crossfire adaption, so the bulb sits in the cage, always has, ditto with the bright white bulb alongside it!

Ill give it a go! let you all know how it fares out! (ive told them to send me whichever come in first as they are waiting for stock of each)


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Hi there,
Yup the Arcadia definately rates a little higher than the repti-sun. Ive even checked the output with a UVB-metre myself.
They are also cheaper and easier to get hold of in the UK than repti-suns. I nearly paid £40 for a 15inch repti-sun out of desperation when all the stocks were out on arcadias :shock:
I have an Arcadia in Miso's at the moment and Im very happy with it. Its even (so far!) withstood all Miso's attacks on it. She still does love to try and "kill" the light the simpleton.


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I've heard about the same. Arcadia tested better, but I haven't heard many opinions from people who are actually using them. Both ReptiSuns and Arcadias are highly revered in the UVB lighting world, but I believe the Arcadia is a smidge better. I suppose it makes a difference that Arcadias seem easier and cheaper in the UK and some other places, while ReptiSuns are pretty popular and easy to get a hold of in the US.
I have an Ardcadia d3+ 12%, the difference in my dragon, was amazing. his colour brightened and he was more active.
i defiantly recommend it over any other tube.
i bought mine off, arrived the next morning.


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Ok so i went with the arcadia, a new lenght of 36". It was in less than an hour and my you can really tell the difference!! She is so light and very active!

her are some pics of just how light she was, but they dont do her justice!!


I highly recomend it!! Buggsy
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