April 2023 Photo Competition Winners


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Thanks to everyone who participated in our April 2023 Photo Competition, titled "Spring Time Beardies!" We had a total of 8 submissions!

And now, congratulations to the winners! Well, this month, everyone is a winner!!!

Tied for third place
... @XIkyotoQueenx ’s “Basking Baby”, @Jjurovaty ’s ”Admiring my Ancestors”, and @destiny1998 ‘s Beardie In grass.


Tied for second place... @Henryboy4 ‘s “Captain in the Spring”, @Nikki.D ’s “Enjoying sun time”, @BuddiesMum ‘s ”Buddy in his flower hat”, and @Cadence Warren ‘s “Easter beardie”!



And in first place... @Pearl The Child ‘s “Pearl Spring”!!



First Prize will get the "Photo Comp Winner" badge (permanently), and one year of an ad-free experience.

Second Prize will get the "Photo Comp Winner" badge (permanently), and six months of an ad-free experience.

Third Prize will get the "Photo Comp Winner" badge (permanently), and 3 months of an ad-free experience.

As a side note, for those who don't know... if you are active on the forums with helping others, after you pass 100 posts you automatically have an ad-free experience on the site (as a general thank you for your participation in the community).

Once again... congratulations to the winners! Thank you again to all of you for taking part in the BeardedDragon.org Photo Competition!


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Rocky, Ruby
Congratulations everyone and HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grab your beardies and show them :love:
Rocky was too bad to participate but I am glad I got my votes in!! Maybe I should just take random shots: Rocky in the bath, put him in a tree, by the plant so I am always ready because the contests don't seem to align with his badness lately, I mean, lifestyle LOL


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Zen , Ruby ,Snicker Doodles, Sweet Pea, Sinatra
Congrats to the winners 🏆
All of the contestants looked amazing!


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Congrats to everyone who entered the competition! Pearl the child you are so creative with photos and everyone to😉


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It is so lovely how each bearded dragon looks unique and different from each other


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Congratulations to all the winners of the April 2023 Photo Competition! 🎉 It's wonderful to see such fantastic submissions celebrating "Spring Time Beardies." Each photo captures the beauty and charm of our beloved reptile friends in their natural element. Kudos to @XIkyotoQueenx, @Jjurovaty, and @destiny1998 for their incredible entries! Looking forward to more amazing photos in future competitions. 📸🦎 #BeardieLove #PhotoCompetition #SpringTimeBeardies 🌼🐉

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