Any people happy they made the switch to roaches.

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Ok so I've left my roaches alone for a while because I read that handling can stress out the dubias and cause them to just push out their ootheca prematurely but it still keeps happening. Every so often I just find a dried or drying up abandoned ootheca. :banghead: What else can cause them to do this? I keep them humid and with a ground up combination of Dog food / Cereal.

Which brings me to my next question.

What do your roaches diet's consist of?


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Lobster roaches are fun because they give live birth. I saw a female the other day giving birth to something like 50 white babies. Pretty amazing.

If someone asked me a year ago what I thought of being fascinated with cockroaches............. :roll:


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Like anything else, roaches die. You will have some die off, like theroachguy said, I wouldn't worry about it unless you are having a lot die off. I love my little roachy friends and hate to see them die. Usually it is the adults I find dead, and that makes me sad because it means one less breeder popping out tasty treats for Spike! :D



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Ok ... So I am jumping in :shock:

I never thought I would have roaches in the house and The Wife thinks they are Beatles :mrgreen:

I placed my order yesterday with Jason A.K.A RoachGuy (Love the name!)

I live in PA and have read all the threads on the topic and feel they are a great feeder and not a large risk for house pests.

So ... I guess I am in the club now ... Hey do we get like member cards or jackets or some thing for being members? :lol:


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Welcome to the club! You won't regret it and Jason at is the best. If you have any questions you can email or pm him and he will gladly help you out. You can also ask questions here in the feeding forum as many of us are roach lovers too!

As soon as the new club jackets come in, we will be sure to send one your way :blob5:



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jbodkin":95b3e said:
So ... I guess I am in the club now ... Hey do we get like member cards or jackets or some thing for being members? :lol:
you know i could use a nice jacket for the fall time :) . Eric did you get those crystals yet i haven’t herd back from you.
take it easy guys off to buy school supplies its my baby girls first year :D that’s one less child i have to worry about during the day lol. na ill most likely cry, it do=set take lo0ng they will be all grown up. also i will defiantly have to tell the teacher what i do so when my daughter says we have roaches and she helps me feed them i want have to worry about child services coming by the house to see what the hell is going on lol. i hope they want me tod a show and tell i can talk about bugs all day.
take care Jason


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I will have to check with the wife about the crystals, often I don't get the mail and stuff ends up on a counter somewhere to be discovered weeks later :banghead:

I think a nice black leather jacket with a huge dubia clinging to the back would be a nice club jacket.

As for kids going to school, I used to be sad about the thought of mine growing up but now my boys are 13 and 11 and I can hardly wait for them to go :D My girl is 7 and still sweet, so she can stay but the others just have to hurry up and get out on their own. My wife tells me that once they are gone I will miss them, I am eagerly waiting to see if she is right!

Maybe that's why I love my roaches, they are sweet, quiet, need little care and reward me and Spike with lots and lots of tasty babies. Yum!



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Quick question ... As your colony grows and you start feeding the babies ... How long do the adult breeders live to keep reproducing? I imagine you have to let some babies stay as you go to get to breeder age right?
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