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Hi all! :D I feed my baby spring greens / greens (collard greens) and he gets kale and other veggies too.

However i was wondering if anyone in the UK knows what or were i can get Mustard greens and Turnip greens? I've had a look in Tesco and cant seem to find these?? :oops:

Any ideas?

Thanks!! :D


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i live in ireland and i got a pack of mustard seeds in my local supermarket and just pot planted them. you get about 2000 seeds for roughly €3 so thats about £2.50

only plant a very few tho because they grow in about ten days and if you plant too many your room will become overgrown pretty fast, i get about a week to 10 days worth from my little pot and it grows back quite fast too.


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Thanks! :D I'll have a look for them in Tesco :D

Are they just like the normal mustard seeds you get with the spices or are they proper seeds?

Ta again :D


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Hi was just reading this post an i get my veggies in texcos, but my girl loves her brocoili! I never thougth about growing my own. I must try it. Thanks.
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