Any info on Arcadia LED bars ?


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Does anyone on here have Arcadia LED bar of any kind They are so expensive but I've tried many regular LED bulbs and my dragon doesn't like them my wife is very intent on getting one of these and I do feel like it would do some good does anybody know much about these money is not an issue should I go through with it I have a 4 x 2 x 2 and already have a t 5 UVB so was told I do just hook directly to that I guess what I'm asking is how many watts would the dragon need with one of these which one is best for a dragon. Where are credible places to get one

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This is Atlas, he's my 3 year male leatherback. i don't know whether to be worried as he has no femoral pores what so ever, not even small ones! i always thought they would come with age but he is getting a bit older now and i'm starting to worry. here are some photos of his lack of pores. if someone could let me know if this is healthy that would be greatly appreciated!!
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