any frilled dragon owners?


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I've posted some concerns about my Simi on the frilled dragon section but have no response. Is it because there isn't much known?

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wendysn63":b0hd636l said:
I've posted some concerns about my Simi on the frilled dragon section but have no response. Is it because there isn't much known?

Simi is a Chlamydosaurus kingii ( Australian Fill Necked Dragon ) right ?

I live in Australia and have some experience with Frillies ( back in the 1970s when I caught one in the wild on a camping holiday at Lightning Ridge , kept it as a outdoors reptile cage pet - in a converted bird aviary for about 6 years) .

I have Brown's book that covers husbandry , breeding and health issues for Frillies ( and other Australian Dragons ) and might be able to find some answers for you therein , I also know a local Newcastle breeder / keeper or two who I can perhaps call on the phone if need be .

In the first instance - perhaps your answers are here -

Wish I owned a couple but too pricey to buy captive bred hatchlings in NSW.


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Well I'm not sure if he is a New Guinea or Australian however, I don't know if you were able to read my post on the frilled dragon page but we have three. Simi is the oldest. We love them to death. Especially Simi he was our first and he has some health issues right now of which we have been giving him antibiotics that the vet prescribed. The bloodwork shows his organs are good but his white cell count is high. We are just so worried for him. I will certainly look into the book you have suggested. Thank you


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So I was able to gain a lot of useful info from the manual "kingofnobbys" suggested. But, I wasn't finding anything that relates to Simi's health issue right now at hand. He does seem better some days. He did display a little aggressive behavior toward our other frillies yesterday ( nothing too bad) but today he seems somber and still hasn't eaten much. He does drink water though

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