Another Rescue — His name is Spike!


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Yes Simon is still with me and doing well! I was hoping to get her a tank upgrade out of the whole ordeal which would make the $150 a steal of a deal for a 48 inch tank but alas Spike’s tank was the same size as I already have for Simon (40gal). When I mentioned this to the people they “felt bad” for misleading me but didn’t knock down the price 😐 lol.

So no new tank for Simon yet but Spike is thriving! She is in a 50 gal at the rescue but she will have a free tank to go home with her when she gets adopted so that’s great :) Rescue kid said she is eating a lot and will send a photo when he gets home! I’ll post it here if you all want, she was pretty skinny so I’m glad she’s eating well <3 hope she’s okay chewing because she’s basically toothless.


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I only got these 2 pics of her at the rescue.

Apparently she is eating well but hasn’t eaten greens yet (but that was the not one day in). I’ll reach back out in a week or so to see how she’s doing :)

Her beard is a little darker than when she was at her previous home but she is already looking more alert after getting hydration <3 and I’m sure she will adjust to the new environment with time.


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At least she has a chance now, bless her heart. You really did rescue her.

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