Angie, Loki, Laura & Dozer (new pics 03/29/15)

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I wanted to introduce everyone to our new girl. She is on her way now from Denver, CO. Here's the tracking # if anyone wants to follow her flight: We have chosen the name Angeline (Angie for short) which means "messenger of God." I will post some new pictures tomorrow but these are the ones we have so far. She is part leatherback.

Here she is when Laszlo brought her home from the pet store on Feb 17th, 2012.


Here she is eating a small dubia roach.





diamc Sicko
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Thanks Mary, her eyes are quite stunning, aren't they? She's doing very well and she's grown quite a bit in one wk. She takes 3 to 4 poops a day, not surprising with how much she eats. She picks out a different spot to sleep every night. Sunday night she slept on top of her log and last night she sprawled out in her Woodland Get-A-Way on top of a nice soft blanket.

puppytoes72 Sicko
That's so cute the way Angie picks a different spot to sleep in every night :lol: :D
She really sounds like an eating machine! :mrgreen: Have you weighed/measured her yet?

I'm glad you all liked the pic of Jojo and find her just as funny as I do. She sure had quite the personality :love5:

I started putting greens on a papertowel for her so they would be more noticable with the green/white contrast and it really helped! :D Her salad dish was a dark green and it dawned on me that she wasn't seeing the salad.

diamc Sicko
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Hi Michele, we did get a length on her today while Paul was home for lunch. She is just a little over 12", didn't get a wt yet though.

I guess we don't have the little beardie leash anymore, can't find it anyway. The other ones I have are way too big. We did put the iguana leash on her and I thought I had it tight enough but not too tight but she pushed with her back leg and off it came.

Guess she likes sleepy on the fuzzy mint green blanket inside the Woodland Get-A-Way because that's where she is tonight too.

Some new pictures from today.

This where she slept last night. She's just waking up and ready to start her day.


Enjoying her bath.




Happily basking.


diamc Sicko
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Thanks Lori, yes, we did need each other. She has settled right in. We're still working on the cuddling, she doesn't sit still long but that will come. She loves being held, being kissed on top of her head and us rubbing our noses on her velvety beard. She's getting quite the belly on her too. Have some small horns arriving on Thursday, hopefully she'll like them.

She's getting ready to shed the top of her head and the end of her tail, we're anxious to see her new colors after that.

Goonie Sicko
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What a smart girl, trying different spots to sleep on until she found the most comfy one.

Diane, I think Angeline is getting more and more red, even on her chest and belly. Her colors are so vibrant.

diamc":tnzisrwl said:
She loves being held, being kissed on top of her head and us rubbing our noses on her velvety beard.

diamc Sicko
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We think her colors are getting brighter red too, also a lot of orange coloring. Seems so good seeing her beard, chest and belly without stress marks. I just looked at the pics again, I think you're right Gina, does look like the colors are no spreading to her chest and belly. :D She's gonna need her little toenails cut shortly, they are very sharp and pointy.

gulfbrzdawn Addict
Oh Diane, Angeline is just beautiful. I quickly scanned through the thread and looked at all the pics. She seems to be settling in nicely with your family. I hope that she is bringing all of you much joy and hopefully is filling the void you all must have after losing so many beardies(family members). I am still trying to wrap my head around the news of Giz, Judas and Misty all being gone. It breaks my heart that you suffered so many losses in such a short amount of time. :( :( :( . I feel bad that I was not here for you during those hard times.
I hope that Miss Angeline brings all of you many, many years of happiness and snuggles.

Drache613 Sicko
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Hello Diane,

Angeline is beautiful, she was truly sent to you I believe. I am quite sure she will be very happy. :D


fresnowitte Sicko
Oh, Diane I so enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pic's of your gorgeous girl. :love5:
Looks like she's settled in just fine right down to finding that comfy sleeping spot. :lol:

Hugs & Snuggles!

diamc Sicko
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Thanks Dawn, it has been very sad suffering so much heartache. We're doing ok. Angeline is helping us a lot. She is just so sweet, very curious about everything. She spent quite a bit of time with us tonight at the table. She enjoys the little things, sitting in our hands, on my lap, kisses, a fuzzy pillow. Haven't seen anymore stress marks, just a pure white beard, chest & belly. :p We actually are already seeing some of the traits that Sabrina had, her curiosity, looking at each of us for recognition until we talk to her, etc. We are hoping that she will be with us for maaaaany years too.

Thank you Tracie. When I saw the look on her face in the first picture, I knew it was meant to be. But, when I saw that heart shaped cloud a few wks ago at 7 am on a Sat when I was on my way to work, I knew it was a sign. The odd thing was that there were no other cars around, none behind me or in front of me and the cloud was directly in front of me, impossible to miss it. It didn't last long but it sent a chill up my spine and it made me smile. When I got home from work, I started the process of getting Angeline. So, yes, she was sent to us and I believe that all of our precious beardies approved.

Yes Barb, she is settling in very nicely and seems very happy. :p

beardie parents Sicko
I knew it! she is perfect for your family. You all have the personalities that calms her when she needs it and she knows you love her. She's like our Goldie is, and Miss O was, like 'just give me attention, 24/7, I don't care how much I need the basking stuff, I just want attention'. She might like sitting outside in the sun on a shoulder as Goldie does, until it gets to hot for her, not hard in southern AZ.

diamc Sicko
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Yes Lori, I do feel that she fit right in. With all that had been going on here lately, we felt we were up for a challenge since we had lots of empty beardie time that we could spend on her BUT, she really wasn't much of a challenge, just nervous at first. We didn't see any aggressiveness at all, just a little apprehension perhaps. And, I think some of it is excitement when I go to get her out. She doesn't run from me, sometimes leaves her log and goes on the bottom like she is just waiting for me to pick her up.

"just give me attention, 24/7, I don't care how much I need the basking stuff, I just want attention."
EXACTLY, although it's obvious that she really likes her tank setup, there isn't one inch that she hasn't explored. :lol: We have to get her a little leash as the ones I have are too big. Once we do, we can start by sitting on the porch with her and going from there.

Today and tomorrow is extremely hot & humid here, heat index in the low 100's, probably like your AZ weather.
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