Alright, so I made some huge changes to my "sand" thread...

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Let me know what you guys think!

I know I've been MIA for a while, but after re-reading what I wrote 2 years ago, it was really starting to bother me. I felt like the way I presented the info make it sound like a huge anti-sand rant, and not really the most intelligent one either... :roll: So, I re-wrote 90% of it. I tried to make it a little more balanced in opinion, so I did include more information on housing them in the safest way possible on particle substrate, and I also mention what the best substrate mix is IMO, if you want to go the loose substrate route. Hopefully this doesn't upset anyone here, but the way it was written before I don't think it sounded very credible, and seeing what some other forums had said about it made me feel like some changes were necessary.

Plus, if done right, I don't necessarily think that all loose substrates are pure evil. Right now I have two naturalistic vivarium with live plants, microfauna, the whole 9 yards... And I absolutely love them, and so do the inhabitants. :) I don't plan on doing that for Dudley or my leopard geckos, but it's changed the way I think about natural vs. sterile setups. It's absolutely fascinating how you can put an awesome, tiny ecosystem in a glass box. I've been trying to figure out a dig box so I can try the top soil/sand mix once Duds gets out of brumation. He's getting older and he needs something new to make his life a little more interesting!

Anyways, while it's still unlocked for editing, let me know if you have any suggestions! I think I did decently on the writing, but feel free to go full grammar-Nazi on me. Hopefully it doesn't sound like it was written by a 17 year old girl anymore... Because I'm 19 now, duh. :p
I really like your no sand post. Thank you for making that, it's a really good thread. I currently have play sand/virmiculite I my girls Viv because she is gravid and I made her a really fancy huge lay box with damp sand/vermiculite/perlite, but she doesn't dig in it (I've tried other substrate mixes in the past) and she's egg bound now and getting spayed next week... When she's back from her spay I'll put her back on repti-carpet which is what we use when she's not gravid.
Cool thread post. Nice work!


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This is pretty nice. I found one mistake though. Paragraph 3 I believe.

Isn't Calci-Sand supposed to be digestable?
Actually, Calci-Sand is one of the worst things you could buy. It is made out of calcium carbonate which as also used to neutralize stomach acid (Your bearded dragon is literally living on TUMS... Check out the ingrediant list!).

On line two, you miss-spelled ingredient. You put ingrediant.


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I like it! :) A nice, balanced view of the different substrates. I agree with pretty much all of it, and like that it suggests to try things and do research. I love the emphasis on proper husbandry - good basking temperatures are extremely important.

Mixing up a sandy soil substrate is a popular choice for many monitor keepers as well, and the majority of arid/desert type species of monitors are from similar habitats as beardies. Doesn't hurt to take a peek at their book and steal a page or two! :)

Thanks again for a nice thread on substrates; it was a good read!



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Awesome, I'm glad everyone likes it so far! :) Thanks for the compliments. I've already found a number of typos in addition to "ingediant" so I'll do a final edit of it in a day or two.

@thelonelyzombie, I hope your girl's spay goes well!

BTW, if there is something in there that anyone really doesn't agree with, let me know that too and I'll look into it.


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I thought this was excellent. I didnt even know about digging boxes. What is your favorite substrate for that? Also, how deep should it be?
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