Almost a Milk Carton Beardie....

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For the last hour or so me and my fiance have been looking for our youngest son Aidan. Normally we let the beardies run around and they don't leave the living room and are really easy to find. Well Auraelia was sitting on the couch in her fleece blanket, but Aidan was nowhere to be found. So we're looking and looking, nothing. We looked everywhere, inside shoes, my bookbag, under the heaters along the wall, in garbage bags, beside the stove and fridge, I mean everywhere! Alex, my fiance, keeps telling me it's okay, he'll turn up, he's still small so he can find easy hiding places. Meanwhile I'm literally going insane with worry. Alex had taken out the garbage just 30 mins. before and all I could think was did he run out the door and we just didn't see him? Alex assured me that he didn't, but of course I'm a woman, the worst part is that it's about 40 degrees out right now! Let me tell you, I proved that I should never be in a position of power, I could be the poster girl of why women shouldn't be president, (even though I don't believe that). Well anyways, we have this chair in the living room with all these blankets and a couple of coats on it. One of the arms to the coat hung off the chair and we had checked all the blankets and he wasn't there. And I had thrown them on the floor, picked up the chair to look under it, nothing. Well, as I'm picking up the blankets and the coats I check the arms of the coat and I felt nothing, but pulling my arm out it hurt, like there were barbs in the lining of the coat. I feel the arm and there's a long lump in it, it was him! Oh my gosh I've never been so happy to see him in my whole life! I smothered him in kisses and of course I had to scold him! Needless to say he won't be allowed to run around till he's a little bigger!


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Gave you quite a scare! That is why Calypso isn't allowed to run around yet. Too many places to hide and too quick of a beardie to catch. ;)

Glad the baby was found.
Lol, love the title you chose for this post.. classic. :lol:
I'm glad you were able to find him! What a great hiding spot though, right? Ha. Next time just keep a closer eye on him and you should be fine to take him out. He needs some good attention too. :D


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Well normally they're just fine, we take them out have them on the couch with us and we can't keep them from getting down and running around, it's all they want to do! And we really don't have that much in the living room, a futon, a kitchen chair, two sidetables, and a fishtank, that's it, there's really no place for them to hide! But when he wasn't in visible site I flipped! I never want to do that again!


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Ahh! One night when my old beardie, JT, got lose he was missing for the whole day! I was a child so of course im crying and crying. My dad called the vet and the vet said to take his cage, along with the heat lamp,and put in on its side on the floor. So we did that and then in the morning who did we find sleeping in his cage!? JT! whew! He crawled into his cage and went to sleep like nothing happend!


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I too have my own horror story to share...I too have a living room where there is barely anything he can get under without me noticing it first. So I put him down and pop something in the microwave...I was gone for not even a minute...and he was gone :shock: . Of course I started to freak. I couldn't find the little thing anywhere. I searched the couches, inside the couches, pulled back the TV twice. So I'm looking for a good half and hour, and by this point I start to cry...I call my best friend and she comes over. She looks around, and looks under some things. And noticed that the air conditioning vent was open :shock: :shock: . Well...not a very nice surprise...So she attempts to assure me while still looking around and puts her hand behind the cabinet where all the fancy dish ware is one display...well doncha know there is a wee little crack under we empty out every single piece of glass out of that thing...some many plates...she takes a flashlight....and doncha know...he's curled up sleeping under there :roll: . Needless to say he too received plenty of kisses and one hell of a scolding.
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