All I have learned and I'm still scared

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Collard greens
mustard greens
A couple types of squash
All on rotation
Along with a fruit probably raspberries or bananas swapping out and as a treat.

Phoenix worms but if I can get away with it dubia roaches because they seem to be the bug for everyone.

Dust with calcium but twice a week vitamins


40 gallon minimum better to have 4 X 2 X 2 or bigger

Uvb florescent bulb inside the cage 10 or 12 percent uvb

A baking bulb

A ceramic heater as I live in northern Utah and it usually stay 68 72 in the house.

Vibrating bowl is handy for picky beardies

Stuff to climb on and a basking log or rock and a hide a spot to stay cool.

Slate tile floor is best but reptile carpet is okay

105 to 110 in the basking spot 95 in the rest and a cool area at 85 I think.

A vet with exotic reptile experience and 1k in a savings area for vet and roughly 30$ a week on food.

If possible take the lil buddy outside for real sunlight which I plan on doing as I walk my dog so I can put the lil guy on my shoulder with a harness. As in the summer Utah gets super warm.

I'm kind of worried still because lately people say wild animals are bad pets and I really want a snuggle Buddy pet. I know I can't keep him out much but that's okay I just want a cute per I can per and have v physical contact with like having the lil buddy on my chest or shoulder.

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That all sounds pretty good.
Some bell pepper and chopped green beans have worked well in salads for me too. Don't worry too much if your dragon prefers bugs for the first year or so though. They need protein to grow and will often ignore salads. Keep them available so they're a familiar food source. The leftovers each day can be fed to the bugs.

If your UVB is a T8 then it should be 6-8'' above the basking area inside as you said. If you get a T5 then it can sit outside, can shine through mesh tops, and should sit about 12'' above the basking area. Cool side temps should be more in the 75-80 range if you can but the important part is to offer a gradient of about 20 degrees (ish) across the tank during the day just to give some options.

If your house stays above about 65 overnight no additional heat is needed but the CHE is good to have on hand, especially on cold winter nights. Just enough to bump the temps into the low 70s.

Having some money set aside for vet bills is a great idea. Hopefully you wont need it but it's good to have if you do. Parrish Creek vet clinic near Bountiful is a very good option. They are good folks and have quite a bit of experience with bearded dragons.

I think you'll find your dragon can be quite cuddly after a while. It takes them time to get used to you but once they are settled and happy they will fall asleep on your chest and let you hold them often. They are pretty interactive and curious little guys. Just be careful putting him on your shoulder or other high spot. They tend to jump and not have a great idea of their ability so they can get hurt. Just something to be aware of.

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Me too. That doesn't really go away but you'll become more confident once you get going. If you have any questions just come on here and ask.

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Basking spot at 110F is too hot, aim for 40degCelsius (100F).

All my pet lizards love snuggles and even get jealous of each other especially when daddy (me) is giving one of them a snuggle and often play "musical humans".

NOTHING wrong with giving lizards snuggles if the lizard enjoys them (this is a matter of nurture with the lizard). Captive bred pet lizards ARE NOT WILD ANIMALS and never have been. That said I've rescued injured wild lizards and cared for them to help them heal and recouperate and my rescued wild lizards have become mega-tame, and super-smoogy and affectionate, they soon learn to trust and even like you if you are kind and gentle with them.

If you want let the your beardie on the shoulder, never walk about with it there, on shoulder TIME only when you are sitting on carpet/grass or lounge or bed.


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You've said in other threads that you want a baby so the 110 in the basking spot should be good for a baby. Adults would need a lower temp like King advised.

It sounds like you are prepared to set up your viv and start to think about how you want to acquire your new best friend.


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Yeah I'm slowly buying pieces while saving up funds to take my time and make sure at each step.


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My Gary is very snuggly!


It just depends on how much you handle them IMO. We gave him sooooo much attention and interacted with him every day to the point where the second he gets out of his tank all he wants to do is sleep on me lol. Just work with him a lot but be gentle and calm and give it time :)
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Should we be concerned?

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