Albino leopard gecko help

I recently purchased a leopard gecko an need some advice on the care needed. It's a hatchling chocolate albino leopard gecko.
I have the warm moist an cool hide photo of tank attached. It's a 18"18"18" size tank. Using easy liner an slate. Slate is over the heat mat last four tiles at the top left corner. Is there any other lighting I need? I don't want her to get MBD an die. I offered nutri grubs black soldier worms an crickets. But won't eat them an no stool. Any advice on sticking with zoomed reptitherm UTH an zoomed reptitemp digital thermostat. Or should I go with a lighting. Have the heat mat on 24/7 an that's pretty much it. Just want advice on someone who had success with a good setup with these little guys. I have a bearded dragon but his enclosure is setup well.


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AHBD Sicko
How small is the gecko, can you post pics and where did you get it from ? I have just a normal one [ no morph ] and I have a heat pad from a drug store under the tank , it covers about 18" X 12" so that part of the moist hide sits on it and part of the dry hide. I used a basking/heat bulb but no uvb but after a while I stopped using it . She's has been eating since the day I got her and has a good appetite , strikes like a rattlesnake. I don't use any tile, just layers of paper towel with extra in her moist hide. She goes poo in the same spot every time so it's super easy to clean, I just fold the paper towels in that spot and lift out when she poos .
I have an albino leopard gecko too and she wasn't doing very well in her enclosure until I got rid of the extra decor, it doesn't look that good but it works. my point is I think you should put the middle hide to the side so your leo can crawl and explore more. My albino does fine with the small lamp, but I also use the heat pads, I don't think you really need any more lighting since leos are nocturnal anyways. hope this helps

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Clapton is acclimating okay I think. He's quick as lightning so I'm not sure how much I should bring him out of his house yet. He's not at all interested in his salad though. I wonder if I should change what I'm giving him. Least he's eating his crickets.

Things to do:
Buy calcium powder
Material to raise surface for basking spot
Scenery decals for back of tank
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Hi everyone, I have a question please. I have a thick branch I got from outside. It has been in freezing temperatures so I know that it is insect free. I took it off the ground and sat it up during a night we got down to 15 so the entire thing would freeze. Well tonight I put white vinegar all over it too cleanse it since it won't fit in my oven. Do I need to rinse with water tomorrow or is it fine left alone dried?

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