Akita Not eating and hasn't poop in weeks!!!

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My beardie hasn't eaten much at all since she wasn't treated for parasites and that was about 8 weeks ago and I have tried bathes to get her to poop. She hasn't pooped in weeks...nothing. She isn't basking under the heat lamp and she stays mostly on the cool side. She hasn't eaten crickets in months and she just isn't doing good.

I have just replaced her UVA & UVB lamp and her heat lamp. She has the reptile carpet so there isn't any sand. I don't know what else to do. She is about 3-4 years old. What is the avg. age of these reptiles? This is my son's pet. And I use to be under a different name. Her color is still good. But she just isn't doing good. How do I get her to poop? help please!!!!

thanks in advance!!!



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Well you need to get her to eat first. You said she was treated for parasites? What kind and did you get a recheck fecal done to make sure everything was okay? One thing that could have happened if you did, she could have gotten herself reinfected if you didn't wash everything inside the cage.
Can you do me a favor and be a little bit more specific with your bulbs?
And is your dragon loosing any weight or looking really skinny?


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Ok, she was treated for pin worms...does that sounds right? I am pretty sure that is what the Dr said. And yes we cleaned her cage out completely w/ bleach and water. No we never went for a recheck b/c they didn't tell us, we needed one. I am not to crazy about the vet we went too...but it is the only one in our area that treats reptiles. I thought the warm baths were suppose to make them go...it use to make her go.

Her UVA & UVB light is from petsmart Reptile bulb (replite or something like that) it has a beardie pic on it, it was in a black box with red and yellow coloring on it. Not quite sure of the exact name that was on the box. And her heat lamp is from the same company 150 watts. They are all new, just put them in about a week or so ago. We have had her for about a year.

No she doesn't look skinny, and she still has pretty coloring on her. We are putting calsium on her food, but it just goes bad b/c she don't eat it. She may eat a superworm or two about once a week. I have tried her favorite mustard greens and roman lettuce...nothing. Does the calsuim stuff go bad b/c we have had it since we got her. But since she has stopped eating crickets...she isn't getting a good source of it. Is she getting old, is this how they normal act when they are old?

I'm worried. This is still so new to me.

I hope that helps you to help me.


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Ok. I went on Petsmart website. I had to look at the boxes to tell you exactly.

Heating Lamp: Exo Terra Day Glo, Basking beam tight lamp 150 Watts

UVA & UVB : ZooMed Reptisun 5.0 UVB.

This is what we were told to her when we bought her. Are these good products?



Hi Atika, I'mno expert but a repti sun 10 is much better than a repti sun 5. How old is your dragon? How close can your beardie get to the UVB? What kind of enclosure have you got? Substrate are you using? also what are the temps in your enclosure? Basking spot?
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