Aggressive Male??? Will he calm down?


Hey, I'm hoping someone on here can help. I have 2 dragons, my female Loki age 6, and my new male Thor age 3.
they both are in separate tanks across the room from each. they are able to see each other, the tanks are at least 10-15 feet apart.
when they see each other the female Loki starts waving continuously and the male starts bobbing hard and has a very black beard while trying to get to her, bashing into the glass at times. they don't stop unless I put a box in front of either tank to block the view. my question is should I let them see each other and is this something that will quiet down over time? I don't want to stress them out.


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No and no. He will always do that if he can see her. It causes undo stress for both of them, please don't give them line of sight.

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I agree, the males will often times be very hormonal and in a super stressed state because in the wild they would be able to mate or fight another intruder but in the tank his potential mate or rival is right there but he doesn't understand why he can't get to them.

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