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So i'm just hoping I can get another opinion because ever since I moved Iris into her new enclosure she has been very defensive. For example just walking by her enclosure she will puff up and If I put my hand in her enclosure she will gap her mouth as well. I figure she must be stressed since we moved her into a new enclosure and new spot in the house as well but is there anything I can do to get her back to her old self? She will usually display this behavior if she sees the outdoors but she can't see the window from where she is.



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I had a similar experience when I moved my 4 month (at the time) beardie to a larger enclosure and to a different room. After approx. 2 weeks in the new location in the new enclosure he was fine. We just made sure we stayed with the same routine and interacted with him each day. He did not want to be picked up for awhile and seemed very scared of us. We gave him space but still was there with him, etc. So long as your habitat is good, I believe you are just seeing a stressed beardie. I'm sure he will be fine given time. Good luck.
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