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what age are beardies able to succesfully bread? is there a certain time of year for them to bread? ( like a breeding season) and is there anything i can do to help them :?


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Females should NOT be BRED until they are 18 months to 2 years old. Plus they need to be in healthy condition and have appropriate weights to go with their length (longer than 16 inches).

Males should NOT be BRED until they are at least 18 months. They also need to have proper length and weight, and be in appropriate health.


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and yes there is a breeding season normaly in the begining of spring. but u can trick them into thinking its spring any time of the year by giving them a brumation period by reducing there daytime to 8-10 hrs a day and reducing food... lasting for about a month then start feeding them lots and give them 12+ hrs of daylight therefore tricking them into thinking its spring :) hope this helps


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I think that it is a bit more detailed than that, as everything I have read about forced brumation, just isn't as successful as the natural brumation of our dragons.
Hope this helps out,
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