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Hi all, yes, I'm still alive and I'm back with a question that I've been wondering these past few months. Ardbert finally hit 16 inches in December, but I hardly noticed much change to my dismay until just today when I found he's almost 17 inches (thought still not quite there). However, when I checked a general size chart, he's within normal limit for his age (8 months as of this post).

So I'm curious if the 6 month mark is about when beardies start to grow more slowly. He eats pretty well; loves a good mix of bugs and greens, though he's been eating less bugs since 6 months. I mean, I have been feeding him large dubias (and he handled an adult-sized one perfectly fine last week when I found it hiding in his tank) and he would eat large crickets too. He always stops when he's full, which I set as "closes his eyes in annoyance when I try to offer more food".

I am also curious when exactly do beardies hit puberty because I haven't really noticed any behavioral changes so far. Physically, his femoral pores are visible enough I can easily see them from a distance if the lighting is right. He blackbeards sometimes at random on the cool side of his enclosure, which generally means he's wants out (and maybe has poop he wants me to get rid of).

Thanks ahead of time, and hello again!~

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It really varies quite a bit between them. Some of them grow up more quickly. They often hit puberty around a year give or take a couple of months. They are generally fully grown by between 18-24 months, though some of them reach full size more quickly.

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I agree, it does vary as to when they hit puberty, or stop growing, etc. It greatly depends on
the nutrition, genetics, or other factors that can contribute to a slowed growth or expedited
Do you have any pictures of your dragon you could post?


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Thank you for your replies! I wasn't entirely sure if this was normal or not since I see some people with their beardies being way bigger at about the same age.

Also, Tracy, here's a photo I just snapped:


His length generally comes out as about 16.5-17 in depending on how I'm lining it up (and sometimes 16, annoyingly). But 16.5 seems to be the most consistent length I get.

He's almost 9 months old now.
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