Advice on taking beardie outside and most comfy leash choice

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I want to bring my beardie in my backyard with me on a leash.
I think people take them out without leashes, I did that once and he was all good, but my mom doesn't think it is a good idea at all to bring him outside.

Thoughts on that? Can I take him outside on a leash?

If yes, which "design" is more comfortable for beardies?

The simple paracord one:

Or the one with more material:

Let me know, thanks

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If a hatchling or anything younger than 1 yr old , too risky .

Over 1 yr old they are much bigger and less likely to be spooked and take flight .


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kingofnobbys":fu8k7at8 said:
If a hatchling or anything younger than 1 yr old , too risky .

Over 1 yr old they are much bigger and less likely to be spooked and take flight .

He is about 18 months. Any details on leash/no leash?


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I've always brought my beardie out in a temporary holding pen, like a puppy playpen with mesh sides (you can find them on Amazon) or a large storage bin, so I can set them partly in the shade and partly in the sun. I've always had trouble getting a harness to fit right, so I can't speak to what sort is best... sorry!


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When Mari was 4 months old I took her outside in my greenhouse on a hip harness and let her run around while on the leash. I wouldn’t take them out that young in any other circumstance though, my greenhouse is a closed space and is essentially a room.

Mari is 19 months old and I use a hip harness with her as she hates anything that goes around her chest. I don’t think shoulder harnesses are safe as a beardie can very easily wiggle out of them and Mari actually did manage to wiggle out of a chest harness when she was 7 months old because my dog spooked her & she ran full speed across my yard and I had to chase her. I never leave her unattended when taking her outside, I think it’s absolutely *****ic of people to leave their beardies unattended even for a minute outside as once they go missing you’re never going to find them and a hawk can easily get them or they can run and get hit by a car. If you ever take them outside, you are to take them in with you if you have to pee or check on something. At no point should the leash ever leave your hand while you are outside. Do not tie it to a tree or put your beardie in a bin: a bird can get them or they could escape.
Let me repeat that: NEVER LEAVE A BEARDED DRAGON UNATTENDED OR OFF A LEASH WHILE OUTSIDE, YOU WILL NEVER GET THEM BACK IF THEY SCAMPER OFF SOMEWHERE. it’s VERY rare for people to ever find missing reptiles that get away outside. Don’t let this scare you from taking them outside though, just walk where they decide to go and always keep them on a hip harness that never ever leaves your hand and you will be 100% safe. (you can make one that slips around their waist in like 4 seconds with silk cord — silk is gentle on their skin and I think
paracord is too thick for their comfort as it causes chafing.)

One more thing — if you hear a bird of prey, playtime is over and you need to bring them inside immediately for the day. I’ve had hawks watch Mari from trees and because I always have a hand on her body in case a bird swoops down, I was able to instantly scoop her under my shirt and get her inside. This is why harnesses are inescapable must haves — if Mari ran for cover her movement would’ve enticed the bird to go after her as a wiggly lizard is like a French Fry to a hawk. Mari and I don’t go outside anymore as it’s too dangerous with the hawks and owls that live in the tree in my backyard.

Edit: I still go outside, just not with Mari. She’s too important to become lunch to some bird.
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