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This is the thread about my two favorite little Beardie, Fiz :D And his brother KD
"Your hand is nice and cozy... I think I like you!"

He's giving me the stinkeye "Get that camera out of my face before I eat it AND you"

He's such a sweetheart! I love him a lot & I love Bearded Dragons now!


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Hey guys! It's been quite a few days since I updated about Fiz and his health.

Well, turns out, KD really attacked him. (See my previous post for the "mysterious" wounds). He nearly bit him again when I went to go and feed them some shredded carrots (their new favorite food) but he only snapped near him, but did not make any contact with him. Now they're seperated. I have duct-tape reinforced cardboard between them in their 40 gallon breeder. Their reptisun 10.0 is divided equally, and they both have their own basking lights. Their temps on their "cool" sides are about 86, but that's because their spaces are cut in half, so that's pretty normal for temps.

They will get their own tanks in a week or two, but until then they have to be roomies! They can't get anywhere near eachother, and they can't even see eachother, but I'm sure they are aware of eachother's presence at a distance.

Fiz's tail is healing up pretty good, I guess. I never dealt with Beardie wounds before, but I think I'm doing a pretty good job. There seems to be scabs that have formed and his tail is now in preshed. I found out recently that a Beardie will shed when injured, because it helps them heal (according to a member who told me). I've been applying Neosporin after warm baths every other day.

Fiz explored my living room today. He ran all over, hiding under/inside of shoes and under my notebook. I also decided to make him his own bed! Yes, a bed!

I used felt and cut out a square piece. Then I used smaller strips of felt to make rolls of felt for "borders" on the sides to hold him inside of his bed. Then I took another piece of felt and stuffed it in the area inside of the borders, so that if he decided to make a "mess" on it, i'd be able to replace the outer felt piece easily. Then I cut another piece of felt the same size, put glue on one edge, and stuck it to one of the rolls. I then took some scraps of felt and cut out an "F", an "I", and a "Z", to spell out his name. It's really cute, and I can't wait for bedtime to see if he'll like it!


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Great that he seems to be healing up nicely.

I would love to see some pics of your babies and Fiz's new bed!



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Yes I'm so relieved to see that he's okay. I'll never forgive myself for being a dummy and housing them together. But atleast he's okay and happy, from what I can tell :)

He's actually sleeping in it right now! He loves it! I promise I'll upload pictures of it tommorrow!


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Sorry guys! I forgot to post the pictures of Fiz's bed when my lights were on! I'm pretty sure I'll be able to upload pics of his bed tommorrow after Fiz wakes up and swaps his bed for his basking spot!!

The babies are both doing good, still seperated. Fiz's tail seems like it's healing up ok. He's in preshed, so his tail has that greyish, cloudy color to it. I've been giving daily baths so I'm pretty sure that shed will loosen up in no time, and Fiz will have healthier scales underneath!

I also put a new substrate in their tank. Instead of scrubby reptile carpet, they now have smooth shelf liner! (Thanks for the inspiration, Jess!) It's a bamboo print shelf liner that I got at Walmart! I'll be sure to upload pictures of their new tank substrate too!

Well, Fiz managed to shove himself behind me as I sit on the couch and type, and he's currently sleeping behind me. I can feel his side belly spikes poking on my back, but I don't mind. He's such a cutie!

Update with pictures included will be posted tommorrow! :blob5:


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It was about an hour past Fiz's bedtime, and he was being stubborn. He just wouldn't go to sleep while I had him out, and he wouldn't sleep when he was in the tank, either. I tried all the ways I had success with before (putting him in his favorite blanky, turning off all the lights, etc) but the little guy just wouldn't shut his eyes!

I consider the next part as our "Bonding Time"

So I brought him into the kitchen, when clearly it was not his time to be eating. I took out my cheese grater and a baby carrot and I grated the baby carrot up. Fiz sat patiently on the countertop, wide awake, and watched as I magically made his favorite food. When Fiz caught on, he bounded up to the plate and tore through the carrot shreds. He looked at it, and then looked up at me before licking one little shred of carrot and chewing it carefully. Then he looked up at me again with his cute little beady eye. I was like, "Fiz, just eat the carrots so you can go to bed". But he didn't budge. So I wet the carrots into a plate of squashy mush, almost like baby food. I scooped some up on my index finger and offered it to him. Happily, he licked it all off of my finger. I stood there for 10 minutes just feeding the carrots to him. I assumed he liked the plate of orange mush. He just kept eating and eating as if his belly were elastic and could hold an endless amount of food. I only gave him one small baby carrot, but that was enough. I picked him up and he crawled up my arm, onto my shoulder, and then fell right asleep there. I was so shocked! He stayed perfectly content as I washed the plat and cheese grater, and wiped off the counter. I brought him into my living room where he is now sleeping curled into the blanket. That was our bonding time!

Once again, I forgot to take pictures of the new substrate and Fiz's bed. Eventually I will get around to it, although I promise I'll make time this week to snap a few holiday themed pictures of Fiz!

"zZzZzZzZzZz" - Fiz.


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I finally got around to snapping quite a few pictures and uploading them for you guys! I'm really excited to show you all my new pictures of Fiz. First, let me tell you about our pretty basic day.

When I got home, I went upstairs to see my little buddy, Fiz! (Right after I had some cuddling time with my doggie). Fiz was sitting under his basking light, just chilling. He had devoured all his carrot shreds and left all the other veggies untouched. Of course, leave it to Fiz to leave the healthy stuff behind! I fed them their crickets and let them digest for a little while. Then I took Fiz downstairs for bath time! I've been giving them a lot of baths recently, since I'm trying to hydrate Fiz (he seems a little on the dehydrated side). He hadn't pooped yet today so I gave him a massage while he sat in the water. At first I thought he was going to be stubborn and not go, but then right when I gave up, his belly puffed up, his tail slightly lifted, and... you know the rest! As a reward, I sliced a cube of apple for him and squeezed a couple of drops on the tip of his nose, which he licked off. He loves apple juice!

Okay, here's what you've all been waiting for!

Here's Fiz's side of the tank (complete with Fiz basking in the corner). Do you guys like my shelf liner?!

Here's KD's side of the tank (complete with KD basking on his rock). Sorry about the wire, I was just taking quick readings of KD's side!

Here's the bed I made for Fiz! He loves it! It's made out of blue and tan felt, and I cut out the pieces to spell out his name!

An inside snapshop of Fiz's bed. The top blue flap is connected so I won't lose it! You see that second piece of tan felt? That's his bed padding! It's so he can have some extra cushion, and... if he decides to use the bathroom on it, I can throw away the liner and it won't wreck up the whole bed!

And here's the little guy! This was the other day when I turned on the lights and pulled back Fiz's bed blanket. He gave me the stink eye!
"Why yoo wake me up? I wuz dreeming about crickys!"

When I was holding him an hour ago, he decided to crawl right into my blankets and go to sleep! I had to wake him up because it wasn't bedtime just yet!

Here he is when I woke him up from his cuddly spot in my blankets. Not too happy here!

Hope you all enjoyed the pics!


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Aw thanks! It feels like no one ever reads my posts about Fiz. He may not be as exciting as a two headed Bearded dragon (don't get me wrong, Zak-and-Wheezie are AWESOME!) but he's pretty exciting to me! Thank you for reading. I'm documenting for Fiz's sake, because I want to remember every little thing about him, and it's only a plus if people actually decide to read it :D


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Fiz looks really happy! I love the shelf liner! I use the exact same pattern and I love the look of it :D I may not post here much but I do keep updated on fiz and kd. Keep us posted!



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Fiz is so adorable! Your shelf liner is great too, I might have to use that pattern in miss Sunny's tank. I'm always reading your posts about Fiz, I really enjoy your updates about him. I wish you would post more pictures!!



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Today is December 20th which means...

It's been two happy months with you two! I look forward to many, many, many, many more months on the 20th day with you guys!

Thanks for your replies!

It's good to see that people actually read this! It influenced me to post more pictures! The only reason I don't post many pictures is because it's so time consuming to e-mail them to myself from my phone, then save them on my computer, and then upload them to photobucket, get the codes, and post them. But since people are reading, it's worth it! I'm glad you guys enjoy reading about Fiz! I don't post as much about KD because he's not really mine and I pretty much spoil Fiz rotten! I love the shelf liner too! I see you guys like it as well! I'm glad you also like the bed I made for Fiz, as well. He was actually sitting on it today when I got home.

Today I was running late so I could only tap their meal of crickets into their tank, and skip their salad since I didn't have time to prepare it. But when I got home I offered collards. No response. Then I offered shredded carrots. Fiz DEVOURED it. So did KD! Then I thought "hmm, might as well dust their carrots. they'll get their calcium that way". So I added a little water and made a carrot "mush" with carrots, a little water, and some calcium. Well, I scooped some on my finger and held it to Fiz's mouth. He didn't even LOOK at it. I was surprised! KD licked up a bite or two, but then stopped. They hadn't eaten nearly enough, so I went into my kitchen and scraped up some more carrots, and brought them back. Within 5 seconds, Fiz had eaten every last bit on my finger. I tried dusting it again... no response. They're so wierd! They won't even touch it if it has calcium powder on it!

Here's some pics of little Fizzypie eating his favorite food-- carrots! (I couldn't get any of KD because he ate it way too fast and whenever I held my camera up he was camera shy and didn't even move!).

"I see yoo carrotz!"

(my favorite pic) "LICK!"

"Yoo betta not take 'way my carrotz!"


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Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

"Santa iz comin' to bring mee and KD sum prezzy's! Can't wate 2 open dem up!" - Fiz
"All I wunt for Christmas is CRICKETZ CRICKETZ CRICKETZ!" - KD

I'm excited to celebrate my very first Christmas with my two little guys. And as a present for you all, I'm going to get some super cute pictures of Fiz and KD on Christmas day. They will probably be uploaded around noon tomorrow, so be prepared to see them tomorrow!

W I S H I N G Y O U A L L V E R Y H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S !

Anyway, today is measuring day! Hooray! It's time to see how big my boys are.

*** Drum Roll Please!! ***

Fiz - 9 inches (with tail nip, should be around 10 inches if he had his tail, I'm assuming)

KD - Nearly 11 inches

I remember the baby days when they were just 4 and 5 inches long. They have grown more than double their original sizes! I don't have any idea how much they weigh, but Fiz has gained a lot of weight since their separation.



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?Hey. Yesterday Fiz nearly completed shedding his tail. But, at the end where its healing from being bitten, the shed stopped. Im worried he will lose circulation in the end of his tail. You all know hes already been nipped and part of his tail already fell off when i first got him. And i should mention that he's missing many scales on the tip of his tail. Not sure if that would affect the shedding process. But whenever i touch the healing end of his tail he whips it away or kicks my hand with his back foot and goves me the most heartbroken look like "why are you hurting me. I love you".

Hes been having a lot of problems lately and im stressing over him constantly. Hes constipated and now hes not shedding. Earlier today i was stressing myself out because i felt that they werent getting enough calcium and so on.

Could any one of Fiz's fans or readers help me out by answering my questions? Thanks, i appriciate it ssosososo much!


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My only suggestion would be to bathe often once a day even, keep an eye on the tip make sure it doesn't start to darken.

You could get some cocoa butter and apply it to the tip this sometimes helps stuck on shed.

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