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ADV and mealworms

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New member
I recently adopted a juvenile fancy from a petsmart and unfortunately the poor thing was infected with deno virus. I was wondering if it was safe to feed my new beardie with the same mealworms. I disenfected everything following the departure of the first beardie. I certainly don't want to infect the new beardie but it's a fairly large amount of mealworms I have stored ( I was beginning to farm them) and I really don't want to trash the whole colony. Can the meal worms carry the virus or is it safe to continue to use them.


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
I don't think the mealworms can carry it but I'd give them some time without feeding them off in case of surface contamination which if exists should go away in time. If you have thoroughly disinfected everything between dragons and are good about washing your hands well before and after handling/feeding I think the risk of transmission is probably minimal.
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