Adult Dragon still hates being held


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We've had our female Dragon, Marzia, for almost 3 yrs now. She came from a very loud home, where she lived with a toddler in his room (I know, not the best). She's never liked being held, or taking baths,nothing. I'm not sure what else to try. I will admit I don't take her out as often as I should, she was originally adopted bc my son wanted her, or thought he did. The care has been left to me, and with kids, full time job, and several other animals it can be a couple days before I find the time to take her out for some 'us time'. Do some dragons just never adapt to being handled by a human? I am just worried she's not living her fullest life.

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She may not enjoy handling and that's OK. I would probably try other ways of offering enrichment though, if you can. They often enjoy looking outside so if you can set her up on a window sill or near a sliding door that she can look out from, she may enjoy it. You'd need to pick her up to move her, but if the area is safe (without other animals around etc.) you could let her be for a while with minimal supervision.


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One my dragons is the same way, I can hold him for about a minute before he goes ballistic. It has taken me 3 years to get to the point to where I can pet him and move him around (without getting eaten now),lol!!!

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