Adopted a beardie...and I need some advice!

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Hey guys-

I took in a male beardie, Shawnie, two hours ago. Literally. I'm going to take him to the vet, but my vet isn't in on Fridays or Saturdays, so I'll have to try to make an appointment for next week. Until then, I wanted to seek advice from you all. He's eating and alert. They said he's pooping everyday. He has a four month old Mega Ray...I've got a thermometer with a probe in his cage to get readings. The cage is a long aquarium. It's what came with him and I don't have anything else handy. There's something going on with his scales on his back. It's almost as if he needed to shed but it never came off and it's just rotting on his back. I gave him a warm soak tonight and gently rubbed his back with a toothbrush. Before I did that, he had a really bad smell. Afterward not so bad. The skin is a dark, dark brown. So here are some of my questions for you:

Is there anything I can do to gently get his back to shed?
Should I invest in a breeder tank, or will the really long tank work?
Is there anything else I should do you can think of?

I really didn't have any intention of taking on another beardie since Toni is my baby. But this little guy really needs me. Any suggestions would be great.

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I don't have much advice but the soaks should help. This is just to bump up so maybe someone with better ideas will help. I read somone on here suggested cocoa butter, I think, for a really tough shed.
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