Acting CRAZY...coming into spring?

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Po is a over a year old and this is her first spring as an 'adult'. We live in a colder climate so it is just starting to get warm here, and for the past few days she has been acting CRAZY. I have to wonder if its spring fever or her mating season or something.

She is frantically glass dancing, even going as far as running across the vivarium only to run head-long into the glass. Turning over her veggie dish, clawing up the carpet, and just having a TON of energy. I thought she just wanted to get out of her cage, so we took her out and she ran towards the sliding door to our back yard and proceeded to glass dance there, too.

She is still eating just fine, her poop looks great, and her colors are bright and vibrant, except for her beard...very black.

Is she just twitterpated and happy its spring?

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twitterpated is a very good way to explain it lol. Sounds like pretty normal crazy spring behavior, hopefully it will pass fairly quickly. You might give her extra roam time and get a harness so she can go outside.


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My girl is doing that too, and she is about one year old. No black beard but she's doing everything else you described. I think Loki looks really cute right now with her pretty vibrant colors. Of course, her tank is not looking so beautiful at the moment... :)


Hello Everyone!

My N'tho is going crazy too. He's nearing the one year old mark and he too is going bonkers. No black bearding, but digging at the viv corners, pacing, clawing his carpet around and nose bumping. Such a turnaround from last week. I live in a cold climate and the sun has been showing up more, finally! I just hope N'tho isn't hurting going to hurt himself nose bumping and rubbing the glass. Wish I had his energy!! I am constantly straightening his viv! Silly boy. <3 I love him.

Have a great day!!




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Wow this sounds like what Zil has been doing the last few days. She spent all day yesterday just running back and forth and scratching at the glass and doing some almost robotic looking gestures that she fell asleep earlier than usual. Even hubby noticed she was acting odd. Since we don't know much about her past and her old owners thought she was a boy, I made her a lay box just in case and she spent all day in it with no results. Not that I really felt anything obvious inside her, but I have no idea what going from no attention and days between feedings to lots of attention and regular healthy feedings can do to a beardie. :mrgreen:

So I guess she's just hormonal


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WOw!, I just posted something about this. My female is over a year old and doing all those things as well. Pretty strange, i have never seen her behave like that. What helps her is, I have a harness and I put her out on my deck in her harness in like a basket and I keep an eye on her. She sits there in the sun for hours on end. When I put her back into her cage, she behaves badly again. Guess, Spring Fever is correct on this one!


Trevorshumanbuddy":x3rv423o said:
N'tho is a beautiful beardie! :)

Thank you!! =) He gives off the Wow-factor when I take him on car trips. People just come up to him and loves his coloring. Now I am concerned about his femoral pores. Can't quite tell if N'tho is a he or she. I can show you this photo and maybe get some opinions on it?

Thanks so much!! =)



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im not all to sure with the femoral pores but if you take the tail and lift it up alittle and you see the two bumbs on the side of the tail round the outside hes a guy but if not and just a bump near the vent its a girl. think you have a girl though im not all to sure cause my males pores are bigger
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So violet laid eggs, weeks ago, she was doing very well , in the last 3 to 4 days her poop was more than runny . Haven't changed much in her diet , an appetite is very good. Should I be considering a parasites remedy as she does get bloated as soon as she starts to eat.
My baby beardie likes to sit in their water bowl. I'm curious on whether it would hurt them or not.
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