account suddenly "inactive"


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hi everyone,

i have no idea what happened, but my account has suddenly become "inactive" and i can't access it so i have had to set up a new account (have contacted admin but no reply yet) to post this.

if any admin read this - please can you have a look at the user account for "RastaDragon" and see what the problem is.

i have tried to go through "re-send activation email" a load of times but nothing ever comes through.

thank you very much,

Claudiusx Sicko
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Hi RD,

I will look into it for you.
Could you PM me the email address you used for the RastaDragon account?

I did find you, I sent you a pm and will reactive you once you respond :)


Claudiusx Sicko
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Should be fixed. Message me if you still have trouble.

I think the issue is the account was setup and it needed to be verified, and once you changed emails it deactivated the account for that reason. At least thats what the log says as the reason for your deactivation "user details changed"

Alex would probably understand it better, but at least its an easy fix on our end to get you back into your account :)



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It worked, thanks!

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