Accidently potty trained my juvinille dragon

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So we've had a bearded dragon over a week now, and I've accidently trained him to only poo in the bath..

I have been giving him a bath Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and he pooped in the bath all those times, then on Wednesday he didn't poo because I didn't bathe him, ok thrusday he did a really long poo in the bath tub, Friday we didn't bathe him and Saturday we also didn't bathe him both these days he did not poo. Then today I bathed him and he pooded..

I've only been giving him so many baths because he's precious owner malnourished him and he was dehydrated..

What do I do!!!! Or can I bathe him everyday? I don't mind doing it, but I don't know if it can harm him!??

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If he doesn't mind baths then they're fine. You can use it to your advantage though. Start giving baths at around the same time to get him used to going in a set window of time. Then just start putting him in an easy to clean spot for a while during the same time until he goes (within reason). It will make cleanup much easier and keep the tank nice and clean =)


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I'm glad it doesn't affect them, and i can see this as an advantage haha. I will keep bathing him then, as I have an outside turtle plastic tub where I can just wash all the water way, (don't worry, water is a little warmer than Luke warm).

Awh, on the towel i would freak out but you've probably got a towel just for her, she sounds adorable!

He does try to get out of the bath for about 20 seconds, when we first put him in i think it's because of the shock of the water, but after he just walks around and poops.
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